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Two Reasons Why Smartwatches Are Really Worth It

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Have you been considering buying a smartwatch but you’re wondering if it’s really worth it? If your cell phone can now organize your life, what’s the point in having another device to do the same thing?

Just Another Piece Of Tech?

While you may be able to do everything from your cell phone, from deciding what to cook for dinner (or ordering it in, hey we don’t judge) to tracking your activity and health, it may seem like buying a smartwatch is a step too far in our ever-connected world of on-demand tech.

There are, however, some really strong benefits and reasons why you should consider investing in a smartwatch as your next tech purchase, and in this article we’re going to look at two of those big reasons:

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash
Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

Health Matters

Perhaps one of the most popular reasons for buying a smartwatch is the obvious benefits to your health. Of course, a bold statement like that isn’t without its caveats! A smartwatch can only be a benefit to your health if you actually wear it and take notice of it, but that’s where wearable devices shine over their smartphone counterparts.

How many times have you thought, “On Monday, I’ll start tracking my steps and my exercise and really work on my health”? Monday rolls around and you might be doing really well at tracking your steps and exercise. You might even do really well on Tuesday and Wednesday, but on Thursday your cell phone battery dies, or you leave it on your desk while you go out for lunch and miss out on those 2000 steps you did on the way to the deli down the road.

It’s, quite frankly, demoralizing, and many of us will get annoyed and maybe even reach for the ice cream to make ourselves feel better (guilty!).

That’s where the beauty and the simplicity of a smartwatch shines through. Having it attached to your wrist all the time means you know you won’t miss out on those all-important steps. If your 8,000 steps goal is only 50 away, you can rest assured that your trips to the bathroom on the other side of the office to avoid your boss will actually be counted and not forgotten.

Did we mention you can track your resting heart rate, your active heart rate AND your sleep if you wear it in bed too? That’s got to be an added bonus, and with specifically designed smartwatches for men and women, there will always be one that suits your look and activity level.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Discretion When It Counts

Imagine this scenario, you’re in a meeting with your colleagues and you have a ‘no phones in the meeting’ rule. That’s fair enough. 

Now imagine your kid’s school needs to get in touch because they’re not well? Suddenly having your phone in your pocket (or worse, in your desk) and being unreachable isn’t as much fun. 

Here a discreet message on your smartwatch will mean you’re able to make polite excuses and dash there in time!

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