Our community consists of designers, architects, biotechnologist, artists, scientists, graphic designers, filmmakers, journalists, documentary makers, technicians, engineers, academics, students and creatives. Together we like to discuss and exchange inspirational ideas.

Throughout the year we host events, installations, creative gatherings and film screenings which are all supported by our digital platforms, film and a printed magazine.

The Magazine

Design Exchange magazine is the UK’s first interactive design magazine using augmented reality and video content to enhance the award-winning printed edition.  We believe in mixing the physical and digital worlds together to explore the future of print.  

We have been experimenting with augmented reality and print for over three years. Our aim is to explore new territories of publishing.  Each edition is like a mini-laboratory, offering an experimental research space for our team and partners.

Design Exchange is part of the slow Journalism movement, we take time to research our themes/content properly and therefore only print once a year. We are proud to always include curated, intelligent, non-partisan, coverage designed to inspire and inform.  We focus on the values we all expect from quality journalism.

We love our work and are always on the look-out for cross-disciplinary projects and the exchanging of creative ideas.

Available in the UK and internationally.

Our digital edition is available for free once the Print edition sells out.

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A single print copy is priced at £10.00 The current edition is now on sale.


The Design Exchange independent film studio work closely with creatives on filming, content development, pre-production, production and post-production of experimental art films for film festivals, promotions, video content within our printed interactive editions or even for social media campaigns.

We work with creative partners with wild imaginations that will allow us to explore and experiment new and exciting ways to use film as a storytelling platform.

Unlike the art world, we feel designers could be much more experimental. So over the last year, we have been collaborating with many well-known art filmmakers /producers/storytellers to bring exciting new fresh ideas and a completely different approach into the design world.

Contact us if you are open-minded and wish to make a change.

Augmented Reality

Design Exchange’s CHANGE issue is not our first edition to implement Augmented Reality (AR). We were toying with this technology three years ago, with other magazines jumping on its potential between then and now. Nevertheless, this is our deepest dive into its possibilities.

For our current CHANGE edition, we collaborated with designer Dirk Koy

Our past FUTURE FORECAST edition, we collaborated with Mike Pelletier

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