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Help OpenCell Increase CoVid-19 testing capacity to >10K/day

Corona virus

A once in a century global pandemic. We have had more world wars than pandemic case studies. We need to act quickly and efficiently to limit public harm. At the current exponential growth rate, we will reach a daily increase of 1,000-10,000 infected people by the end of the month.

The NHS health service does not have the ability to complete that volume of testing. Testing reduces pressure on healthcare systems and ensures those infected undertake appropriate isolation procedures.

In collaboration with OpenTrons, OpenCell will demonstrate a CoVid-19 testing rate of >10K tests/day using lab automation infrastructure at OpenCell. To reach their goal of testing 10,000 samples a day they need the help of a wide range of specialists and passionate people to help. If you want to learn more and get involved follow this link or write to

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