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NewCities has announced the launch of the 2020 Wellbeing Cities Award , an international award recognizing cities’ efforts to place wellbeing at the heart of their policy and planning.

2020 Wellbeing Cities Award: Call for Applications
Community: Milan, Italy
2019 Wellbeing City

Following a successful first edition in 2019 counting more than 100 participating cities across 30 countries, cities and regional authorities have until February 5th , 2020 to submit for the 2020 Award in the following five categories:

Integrating nature and biodiversity,

Planning for better urban health,

Building a vibrant urban economy,

Supporting cohesive communities,

Prioritizing wellbeing.

The five laureate cities will be selected based on reported achievement ; levels of inclusivity and collaboration with local stakeholders; demonstrated leadership and commitment to wellbeing; and inspiration

Facing tomorrow’s challenges, cities worldwide benefit from putting wellbeing at the heart of their approach. We see planning and policy making more inclined to public health investments, efforts to promote diverse and cohesive communities together with sustainable environments, and stronger local economies.

2020 Wellbeing Cities Award: Call for Applications

The Wellbeing Cities Award recognizes those initiatives by offering a powerful global platform to tell their story and inspire others. Additionally, following a two-round application process, laureates will be announced at the annual Wellbeing Cities Forum taking place in Montréal on 16-17 June 2020, where they will meet a global network of leaders

“If we truly want to improve the quality of life in cities, it is time to stop reducing it to a collateral benefit. Wellbeing should be at the heart of how we plan, assess and design our cities” explains John Rossant, Chairman of NewCities. “ Today, as we launch the second edition of the Wellbeing Cities Award, we invite cities around the world to present their own commitment to urban wellbeing.”

“ We see the best and most sustainable outcomes when health and wellbeing are integrated across sectors – into urban planning, transportation, workplaces, food systems, education and so on. But it is not easy ”, underlines Niels Lund, vice president of Health Advocacy at Novo Nordisk, “ Therefore, we will be looking forward to learning from the cities that have been successful in this regard .”

“ Cities have a major role to play in developing a sustainable living environment that promotes the wellbeing of citizens,” adds Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montréal . “We have a responsibility to seize the opportunities available to us to rethink our habits and find innovative solutions to preserve our living environments and respond to the challenges that we face. This is why I am looking forward to this second edition of the Wellbeing Cities Award, which rewards cities placing quality of life at the heart of their urban policy .”

The annual Award is powered by NewCities in partnership with Novo Nordisk and in collaboration with the City of Montréal, the Toyota Mobility Foundation, Transdev, Politico, Cities Today, Shareable and The New Times Rwanda.

We here at Design Exchange is also a partner for the second year with this annual Award

We hope to see some UK cities included this year – to get the application form, please click here .

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