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FCBStudios Climate Awayday in Liverpool

Climate Protests, September 2019 ©UKGBC

Around 200 Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios (FCBStudios) staff, from all five UK offices, will be gathering in Liverpool later in January for an annual Awayday weekend.

Based at the University of Liverpool School of Architecture, where FCBStudios have recently completed a masterplan for the City Centre Campus, the weekend will focus on the application of sustainable design principles in future work, taking Liverpool as a backdrop for some inspiration and fun.

Liverpool Aerial image ©University of Liverpool
Liverpool Aerial image ©University of Liverpool

As well as the £1bn masterplan for The University of Liverpool, FCBStudios is also working on a 10-year strategy for the National Museums Liverpool to rethink the historic maritime quarter, located at the heart of Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage Site.

FCBStudios said “2019 was a positive year for climate action. It was designated as a year of Green Action by Liverpool City Regions, and in July they declared a climate emergency and stated their aim to be carbon positive by 2030. FCBStudios is part of the steering group that launched Architects Declare and are at the forefront of defining and implementing the rapid and unprecedented changes needed. By 2025 all FCBStudios projects completed on-site will include zero carbon plans with operational performance targets for 2030.”

“The focus for our 2020 Awayday will be to share our climate action plans cross-practice, alongside real-life examples and strategies that will help us to achieve them. The Awayday will start with walking tours of Liverpool and its key buildings, putting the city’s past, present and future in focus. Saturday will feature talks and design workshops. Guest lecturers will introduce us to Liverpool’s architectural, cultural and environmental life and inspire sustainable design thinking.”

Climate Protests, September 2019 ©Christine Murray
Climate Protests, September 2019 ©Christine Murray

Keith Bradley, senior partner at FCBStudios, said: “Liverpool has a bold history of forward-thinking city planning and strong governance. The guest speakers at our awayday will be able to set the scene for how the city and its institutions are continuing to lead on social and climate justice. We hope to draw inspiration from them for our afternoon design session to further explore themes and ideas that will continue the collective climate action conversation within our practice about how to respond in our present and future work.”

The afternoon design session will take an active approach, using a response to Architects Declare as a framework of ideas to be communicated through the design of ‘pop-up installations’ on the dry dock on Liverpool’s waterfront. The outputs from each group aim to be provocative, polemical installations or interventions in the spirit of an Expo – espousing the principles of the Architects Declare statement.

If you would like to know more about the Climate Awayday or meet FCBStudios in Liverpool on 10 / 11 January, please contact:

Jenny Stephens / Fliss Childs  /
Tel: 01225 852545

A current exhibition in FCBStudios London office Carbon Counts :

Carbon Counts is an exhibition about material matters, presenting FCBStudios research on the carbon impacts of ten of the most common materials used in architecture today. It runs until 6 March, Mon – Fri 09.30-17.00

Carbon Counts – detail and external view ©Edward Bishop/Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
Carbon Counts – detail and external view ©Edward Bishop/Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

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