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The Last Environmentalist: Let My Buildings Grow – The Future of Sustainable Architecture (Guest: Eric Corey Freed)

The Last Environmentalist Podcast

Let My Buildings Grow: The Future of Sustainable Architecture

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In this episode: Eric Corey Freed is a sought after keynote speaker, sustainability expert, and the founder of Organic Architect. An 11-time author and award-winning architect, Eric is a visionary leader in biophilic and regenerative design. He was the Vice President of the International Living Future Institute and the Chief Community Officer of EcoDistricts. His accolades include being one of the Top 10 Most Influential Green Architects in 2012, and one of Fixr’s Top 200 Influencers in the Construction Industry in 2018.

Eric joins me today to discuss the state of the climate movement and the future of sustainable building at the leading edge of architecture, design, and engineering. He highlights how shareholders are holding companies accountable for their environmental footprint and shares exciting news on how bio-based materials are changing the way we build. He also shares how the way nature makes structures is inspiring the creation of these materials.

“The fact that it’s pervaded into every aspect of what we do is incredible.” – Eric Corey Freed

This week on The Last Environmentalist Podcast:

● How policy now dictates that architects must design buildings that address the climate crisis

● How shareholders are holding companies accountable for tackling climate change

● Prostruction, synthetic biology, and the potential to grow buildings

● The colossal building demands to meet the housing needs of the rising population

● What bio-based materials are and how they enable 3D printers to build houses in 24 hours

● Taking inspiration from how nature builds with carbon without heat

● Why children should be excited about a brighter future

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