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Create a Clean Stylish Bathroom for Any Home

Create a Clean Stylish Bathroom

Interior design is a field of interest that is recently taking the world by storm, with design amateurs trying their hand at creating beautiful, bespoke interiors to spruce up their home. Whilst any area of interior design can be tricky to master for a newbie, the bathroom is one of the hardest spaces to design. As there are far more limited options when it comes to decoration in comparison with spaces like the living area, it can be hard to achieve a clean and minimalist look, but there are plenty of design tricks that you can apply to create the bathroom of your dreams. 

Create a Clean Stylish Bathroom

Sleek and Matching Furniture

When designing a bathroom, there is much more to consider than just the toilet, shower, bath and sink. You must also make sure that your bathroom furniture (cabinets, shelves and storage spaces) are just as stylish, sleek, and clean as the bathroom essentials. By using fitted bathroom furniture rather than free-standing, you will not only make your bathroom look far larger than it is, but you can easily save space and create a clutter-free look. When choosing the right bathroom furniture for you, make sure that you choose from bathroom furniture sets so that your design has a cohesive look that is impossible to clash. Consider these bathroom furniture options in your design to ensure that your bathroom is sophisticated, minimalist, and clean in style.  


One of the easiest ways to create a clean and stylish bathroom is by avoiding loud and bold colours. If your bathroom is covered in clashing vibrant colours, the eye struggles to find a focal point in the room and it can be difficult to create a sophisticated and clean look. A key trick to avoiding this kind of design disaster is to focus on using light colours such as white for an extremely minimalist look, or neutrals if you want something a little warmer. As long as you make sure that your neutrals don’t clash, you can create a clean look in no time without it looking overly medical and institutional with extreme whites. 

Create a Clean Stylish Bathroom

Larger Tiles

Penny tiles are a flooring design that has been loved and utilised by families everywhere for many years, and fundamentally there isn’t anything wrong with them at all. If you’re trying to achieve a clean, minimalist look, however, then these tiles most likely aren’t the best option for you. As the tiles are very small and almost mosaic-like, it can create a very busy aesthetic (especially if you opt for an array of different colour tiles) that can make your bathroom cluttered. As well as the cluttered look, smaller tiles make it easier for dirt and grime to get caught between the tiles and, therefore, hinder the clean, sleek look that you are trying to achieve. Larger tiles will not only reduce the build-up of dirt but will also create a more minimalist and spaced out aesthetic and produce an illusion that your bathroom is far larger than it actually is, making it look less cluttered.

Interior design is something that Britain is currently loving, and with the right knowledge and tools at your disposal, anyone can become an interior designer. Make sure that you create a classy, minimalist, clean bathroom look with these easy tips and tricks to progress from designer amateur to design professional.

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