The Real Launch of 5G in the UK

The Real Launch of 5G in the UK

For some of us, seeing that 4G symbol on our phone is still exciting, especially since it only seems a short while ago since we got 3G. So, the fact that 5G is ready to launch here in the UK is incredible.

The Real Launch of 5G in the UK

What is 5G?

First off, before you set your heart on 5G, it’s important to know what 5G is and what it will be like for mobile users compared to 4G. 

Basically, 5G will be the new generation of mobile Internet. This will be much faster than 4G, as well as offering more reliable Internet connections for those using their smartphone on the go. Indeed, these speeds should be so fast that users can expect download speeds of 1GBps on a regular basis. This means that 5G will be around 100x faster than 4G, so you’ll be able to stream and watch TV shows and films on the go far easier. 

The speed and reliability of 5G is based on the Internet of Things technology being improved, so that large amounts of data can be carried concurrently. 

The Real Launch of 5G in the UK

Can I get 5G? 

With such an increase in speed, it’s likely that most people are going to want 5G as soon as possible but, before you get your hopes up, getting 5G in the UK will depend on a number of things: 

Network and Location

One of the biggest factors surrounding 5G is what network you’re on, with some networks rolling out 5G coverage faster than others

EE were the first to introduce 5G in the UK, launching on May 30th of this year. At the moment EE only have 5G coverage in six cities (Edinburgh, London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Belfast and Manchester). The network is hoping to bring 5G to ten more cities by the end of the year. 

Vodafone 5G launched on July 3rd.  They launched with just seven cities, but have now extended this to 15 and will add a further seven by the end of the year.

Three will launch 5G broadband in August and have announced their 5G mobile network in 25 cities by the end of the year. The network has also promised 80% coverage in the UK in just three years.

O2 5G will launch in 2019, however, not much more is known other than the launch cities will be Edinburgh, London, Cardiff and Belfast.

Smart Device and Mobile Contract

As well as where you live and your current network, if you want 5G, your device needs to be 5G compatible. So, if you’re eager to access super-fast 5G, you better start looking for a new phone as well as considering new mobile networks, phone deals and contracts too. 

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the cities where 5G has already (or will soon be) launched, just keep in mind that as 5G is new and in-demand, you may be in for an expensive price tag when purchasing a 5G compatible phone and contract. However, if you want super-fast Internet, it could be worth every penny! 


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