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New 2020 Lighting Collection from Delta Light

the New Collection 2020 from Delta Light

Explore the New Collection 2020 from Delta Light and discover the Next Level of Lighting.

In this new collection Delta Light take lighting to the next level, crossing borders, raising the bar. Reaching out to new materials, challenge existing shapes and focus on the multisensorial aspect of lighting as a tool, and as a system. Light, and much more.

Delta Light New Collection 2020, New Level

A new set of experiences is joining their family of lighting solutions. Each one designed to bring interiors to life and to offer specific answers to your lighting needs.

The range stretches from technical office lighting to adventurous pendant lamps, from hallway guidance lamps to urban outdoor lighting, designed for hospitality, retail, offices, outdoor, showroom, public and residential projects.

Encounter an exciting mix of new technical architectural lighting, precise illumination tools, expressive shapes, comfort-driven technology and breath-taking artist collaborations, such as with lighting designer Dean Skira and Belgian designer Nathalie Dewez.

The New Collection 2020 from Delta Light

During lockdown Delta Light have been holding online webinar’s explaining the new products, the most recent included the Frax, Walker II, Backspace II,Skov, and the Logic 40.  See the playback here

Read this magazine online here or order your printed copy or download it from the Delta Light website

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