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How to Design the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

How to Design the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Most first-time homeowners initially invest in their landscape as a means of creating kerb appeal and increasing the resale value of their property. But there eventually comes a time when we realise that the space around our home has great potential. For many, it’s the point when a good time becomes one spent with at home with friends and family. 

This is when you begin to desire an outdoor living space that serves as an oasis for entertainment and relaxation, a place that’s as comfortable and inviting as your lounge. It’s good to know then, that creating the perfect outdoor living space doesn’t require a massive investment of time or money. All it takes is a bit of know-how. Read on to learn more. 


Perhaps you have a sprawling back garden that offers an equally endless and daunting range of possibilities. Maybe you need to strategically work with a tiny patio area and some greenage. Either way, you’ll want to do some thinking before heading to the hardware store. 

Spend some time sitting in your garden and identifying how each corner can be utilised to its fullest potential. Is there room for a fireplace? Do you want a beautiful flower garden or a functional space for growing herbs and vegetables? What kind of tables and seating areas can you implement? Make a list and prioritise what you deem most important. 

Add Some Life

No matter how much you spend on fixtures and furniture, your garden can still look dead and dreary if there isn’t any greenery around to give it life. Don’t hesitate to think out-of-the-box here. Garden beds and potted plants are great, but you can also thread a trellis with beautiful vines, adorn a wall with hanging pot plants, or place a few bonsai trees. 

Keep it Cool

The last thing you want is for everyone to be uncomfortably hot on a summer’s day gathering in your garden. To ensure that your outdoor space can be utilised throughout the warmer season, consider a source of shade. For instance, these glass verandas are a great option, being effective, affordable and easy to build. 

Glass verandas can come in a range of different shapes and sizes, making them a suitable option for just about any back garden. They also protect against UV rays and are completely waterproof. Finish it off with some natural shade from a leafy tree to add an additional layer of privacy to your space. 

Incorporate Comfortable Seating

Your outdoor living space should offer a variety of different seating options. Depending on the mood you want to set, you can use outdoor sofas, benches, stools or simple chairs. Don’t forget to scatter some cosy cushions around for added comfort. 

Light it Up

If you’re planning on entertaining in the evenings, lighting is essential. You want to have your space well-lit, but not to the point of being harsh and uninviting. Consider lanterns, candles, tiki torches and implanted LEDs on walkways or under furniture.

All that’s left is to add a few finishing touches and you have yourself a perfect outdoor living space. Don’t forget to incorporate a bit of decor to give your space a personality. 

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