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Change Maker: Bishi Bhattacharya

Bishi Bhattacharya Photo ©Zuzanna Butkiewicz

Bishi Bhattacharya is a London-based musical tour-de-force of Bengali heritage, whose credits include singer-songwriter, multimedia performer and multi-instrumentalist. She first gained recognition as resident DJ at experimental club night, Kash Point. Most commonly known simply as Bishi, she is the artistic director and co-founder of WITCiH— The Women in Technology Creative Industries Hub, which provides a platform to increase the visibility and recognition of female and non-binary artists working across music, creative technology, science, engineering and maths.

DE: What motivates you to do what you do?

On a personal level, I would probably end in a madhouse if I wasn’t being creative. On a more important and less-selfish level, I believe that creativity is the seed of everyone’s soul. It helps inspire people’s personal journeys, invents new languages, creates intimacy, expands our horizons and brings communities together. 

DE: Is there a landmark moment in your career that really shifted the way you see the world?

These moments have come from a diverse range of experiences—  headlining Queen Elizabeth Hall, sharing a bill with Yoko Ono and Siouxsie Sioux, working with [David Bowie’s producer] Tony Visconti on Daphne Guinness’ album, very private walks in Brompton Cemetery and on the beaches of Barcelona and Lisbon. You can’t fake these moments, they come to you in beautiful and unexpected ways.

Also, last year I raised the money to curate The WITCiH Festival with seven new commissions, all on my own. It was a massive step in understanding myself, both as an artist and entrepreneur. 

Bishi Bhattacharya Photo ©Zuzanna Butkiewicz
Bishi Bhattacharya Photo ©Zuzanna Butkiewicz

DE: Who inspires you?

My parents, friends and colleagues— all renegades and rebels. I’ve been inspired by everyone I’ve ever worked with, including everyone I have curated at WITCiH, the women in technology creative industries hub. This is a platform that promotes women in tech at the intersection of music, science and creativity.


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