Private View(s)

Creative leaders behind influential brands tell all in new podcast series

ASK US FOR IDEAS has created a 10-episode podcast series “Private View(s)” that for the first time shares the secrets of the world’s most creative studios.  

Launching on Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud, Private View(s), a new 10-episode podcast, takes a look at 10 top design and branding agencies that are responsible for some of the most compelling, impactful and beautiful work that is shaping industries, shaping our lives and taking ‘brand’ to new places.  

What sets Private View(s) apart? It’s doesn’t look at these agencies’ work, but their thinking: what can good branding do, and what can’t it; why some agencies are tackling business models before they design; and what they are doing to tackle climate change, the male gaze, and tech addictions. 

The result: revealing conversations that add depth and nuance to these esteemed agencies’ vast portfolios of award-winning work.  

Private View(s) is the brainchild of Ask Us For Ideas (AUFI), a client-creative matchmaking agency, in collaboration with producer David Michon.  

Private View(s) was recorded on location in New York and London. The first five episodes are available now, with the remaining five to be released later in 2019, each focusing on one agency: 

Founded in 2006 by Creative Director Roanne Adams, New York studio RoAndCo’s all-female leadership team has worked with influential global beauty brands including MAC Cosmetics and Clinique.  

Roanne told Private View(s) about the clear advantages of running a female-led agency in an environment traditionally dominated by men.  

She said: “A lot of women want to come and work for us. And maybe those women feel much more passionate and driven to work for us because they want so desperately to work under female leadership.” 

Brian Collins, CCO and Founder at creative agency Collins, has worked with a host of international brands including Spotify, Dropbox, and Mailchimp.

Brian made clear why standing out from the crowd is key to having integrity in everything you do as a creative thinker.

In a wide-ranging interview for Private View(s) he said: “I’m not interested in fitting in with the industry, I’m interested in not fitting in with the industry on purpose.

“The industry has become a series of tropes, clichés.”

London agency Koto helps bring brands alive for cutting edge innovators like Airbnb Plus and nurx. The studio’s Founder and Creative Director James Greenfield praised British designers’ unique approach to creative projects.  

He said: “There is a combination of the historic nature of education in the UK combined with a slightly British cynicism, plus a bit of tall poppy syndrome where we don’t like people to get too elevated above their station. That combines together to make us quite inquisitive and bullshit-free.” 

Geoff Cook, Partner at Base Design – an international network of studios in cities including Brussels and Geneva – spoke about the secret sauce that makes a creative project successful.  

“Our starting point is always the chemistry we have between the client and the agency,” he said.  

Geoff suggests trust is at the heart of truly iconic work. He added: “[Trust] allows us to go and explore more unchartered territories. It allows us to be daring in ways that if that level of trust didn’t exist, we wouldn’t be able to.”  

London creative office Made Thought has worked with brands including Adidas by Stella McCartney, Frédéric Malle and MoMA, and have recently appointed a sustainability advisor to help them guide their work and their clients to be more environmentally responsible. 

Speaking to Private View(s) Made Thought Creative Director Ben Parker said: “All of our clients are coming to us, whether it’s skincare through to apparel right the way through to fast-moving consumer goods, asking how we do a no-waste lifecycle. And that’s fascinating.” 

Private View(s) was made possible by AUFI, a hand-picked network of the leading creative agencies from around the world.  

AUFI Co-Founder Nick Bell said: “Private View(s) is the podcast that looks beyond the portfolio drilling down into what makes our most influential creative leaders tick. It is not about what they do but why they do it. 

“We hope Private View(s) provides the kind of food for the soul that both nourishes and provokes at the same time.” 

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