Design Exchange’s CHANGE cover animator, Dirk Koy

Design Exchange’s CHANGE cover animator, Dirk Koy

Design Exchange’s issue animator understands that digital and analogue can co-exist, with phenomenal results. Better yet, as the first pages of our Change edition prove, he knows exactly where the two should meet to create something functional yet innovative, creative but logical.

When was the last time you felt completely in sync with someone after mere moments in conversation? A meeting of minds in some shared theoretical or ethical hinterland; two worlds colliding over a shared love of pushing things forward. Whatever those things may be. 

Design Exchange’s Change issue is not the first to implement Augmented Reality (AR). We were toying with this technology three years ago, with other magazines jumping on its potential between then and now. Nevertheless, this is our deepest dive into its possibilities, and to produce what’s in your hands we needed to partner with a practitioner who not only grasped what could be done but also understood why it should be done.   

Introducing Dirk Koy, the man behind the moving text and images filling the pages (in the current Print edition) not to mention our multi-faceted cover. For him the greatest design marvel of the modern age isn’t the advancement of technology, but what happens when that advancing technology collaborates with analogue counterparts.

“I really like to draw, and that’s just one basic element in design. It’s very important to make the first sketches,” says Koy. “Even if your product or the piece is digital you start with a pencil. This is a little bit cliched but it is like that, and it gives us a really nice open world of possibilities.” 

Read the full article on Dirk’s work and see much more of his work in our current CHANGE edition – Now in shops or order online

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