Museum of Architecture: Series of talks and panel discussions

In conjunction with The Guardian and part of the London Festival of Architecture 2015, Museum of Architecture  showcase community engagement in architecture and placemaking through a series of talks and panel discussions.

Below are all 4 talks that took place at various locations in June 2015.

Discussion 1: Placemaking and Technology
Argent, 4 Stable Street, King’s Cross, London N1C 4AB

Ian Freshwater – Argent 
Jonathan Robinson – The Guardian
Niraj Dattani – Spacehive
Carolina Caicedo – The Decorators
Ava Fatah gen Schieck – Digital Interaction, The Bartlett UCL
Moderator: James Pallister

Design Exchange went along to the sold out event to stream it live. Watch the full talk below:

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Watch the panel discussion:

Discussion 2: Businesses in Communities and Vacant Buildings
Sto Werkstatt, 7-9 Woodbridge Street, London EC1R 0EX

Ross Bailey –  Appear Here
Emily Berwyn – Meanwhile Space
Simon Pitkeathley – Camden Town Unlimited
Carl Turner – Carl Turner Architects / Pop Brixton
Moderator: Mariana Pestana

The panel discuss ways in which businesses are getting more involved with the communities and neighbourhoods in which they are based. Organisations are helping to bridge the communication between businesses in communities and community projects, they set exciting precedents for the future of private and public collaboration. Companies are also engaging with the built environment in new ways by creating short term pop-ups in new developments to test audiences and client bases, leading to experimental design projects. These projects are also supported by new businesses who are facilitating the connections between the brands and unused spaces.

Discussion 3: Public Space and Neighbourhood Streets 
Bennetts Associates Architects, 1 Rawstorne Place, London EC1V 7NL

Giles Charlton – Spacehub
John Edwards – Living Streets
Torange Khonsari – Public Works Group
Moderator: David Walker – Bennetts Associates

Public space is everywhere but there is less recognition and more prescription about what and who it is for. This debate explores how organisations working in the public realm mediate between policy and good design and how we can work towards creating safe, attractive, enjoyable streets which are pedestrian friendly and lively. These organisations are working to engage large and varied audiences who can influence our built environment’s future as the public are more involved in planning and policy decisions, advocating for good, smart design.

Discussion 4: Well-being and Health in Cities
Arup, 8 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 4BQ, lower ground floor, Emmerson/Shears Room

Ann Marie Aguilar – Arup Associates
Dan Hill – Future Cities
Anne Frobeen – Samsung Electronics Europe
Chris Romer-Lee – Studio Octopi / Thames Baths Project
Moderator: Lisa Woo – Design Council

Creating a healthier working population will help solve various city-wide problems from stress on the NHS to combating depression. Well designed buildings and environments have a role to play in this. Arup is undertaking new research in the area and will discuss the new healthy buildings certification – helping to eradicate spaces that people loathe working and living in. Another topic for discussion is more accessible city-wide exercise projects that would create the opportunity for new businesses to start, collaborations to take place, jobs to be created and technology and software to be designed. There is no doubt that health and cities is a new and growing business opportunity and the expert panelists will give the audience insights into what the future may hold in this sector.


We plan to film and live stream many talks  – Download Periscope and follow Design Exchange Mag to keep updated.

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