The characteristics of the MELLO family

Delta Light search for a more present and flamboyant suspension resulted into a co-operation with master glass blowers, with whom they worked on the balance between object and light, between subtle colours, densities and transparencies.
The result is MELLO.

The MELLO range -Reflections by Delta Light

When turned off, its colours gain definition; when turned on, they disappear with gentle luminosity.

The MELLO offers a sense of special intimacy with direct light on its below surfaces. At the same time enhancing the space with warmth, elegance and transparencies.

All shapes of the MELLO range are handmade, the result of expert craftsmanship and eye for detail. Available with LED Soft Dim or for E27 light sources.

The MELLO range enjoys independence but prefers company, spreading its warm light in mysterious but familiar ensembles. 

The different forms are ready for dialogue with any type of environment.
These large spheroids can link memory with new forms of creativity.

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