Looking into the future during Vision 2017

Design Exchange have curated an innovation area at Vision 2017, the premier event for the built environment, taking place this week from 6-7 June at Olympia London. The magazine worked in collaboration with some of the most pioneering digital thinkers, many of whom are involved in creating DE’s current and future augmented reality editions.

Vision London Event

Our area includes boundary pushers who mix the physical and virtual worlds using print, augmented reality, virtual reality, digital tech, 3D printing and film. The area showcases new concepts and ideas that will be changing the design industry over the next few years.

Stand At Vision 2017 Stand At Vision 2017

We are very keen to get Vision’s visitors involved in shaping and experimenting in new ideas that we can showcase within the next edition of Design Exchange – which will be printed shortly after the event.

Our collaborators include:


Beautiful and engaging, 3D Experiences delivered to any connected device. Working with Augmented Reality ,Virtual Reality ,3D Content Creation and Mobile App Development

Studio Integrate : 

Mehran Gharleghi is the founder of studio INTEGRATE, an architecture and design practice in London. He designs new spaces and artefacts through a methodology that integrates aesthetics, culture and performance. His work is a rigorous inquiry into materiality and culture. He receives inspiration and information from biology, technology and history to create experiences which are innovative and novel whilst remaining embedded in culture.  His work fuses cutting edge design and fabrication methods with exquisite craftsmanship. 


Velapp is the world’s first live video editing technology utilising the latest 3D touch innovation from Apple to edit while you film.

Described by Co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak – “Amazing idea! Such an innovative use of 3D touch!”


Working with individuals, architects and design professionals alike on projects both large and small, our knowledgeable team of Lighting Advisors and Project Managers can assist from design concept to completion providing visually pleasing lighting solutions. 

The London studio is an interface between the innovation, concepts and momentum of Delta Light and the architectural and design communities.

Ravensbourne University

Desitecture  in collaboration with Ravensbourne makes  radical use  of culture to drive adaptive technological applications , the Flux City facade adapts to crop growth and harvesting patterns on  the facade of 160 double height floors in Dubai , capturing  ideas  of energy  and market simultaneously , these  self powered vertical farm  walls rotate and re form themselves to capture air , light and solar energy , to provide free power and market produce for  the inhabitants it also offers potential to  commercialise the buildings surface like a hoarding as the elements can be programmed to  produce  image and text , and even a new language of  pattern  allowing the building to speak.

Collaboration and the sharing of ideas is a key way to affect change in the industry, so come along to get involved with our exciting new experimental process of disrupting and challenging the norm in publishing.

Stand At Vision 2017

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