As the name suggests Design Exchange is about the cross pollination of ideas.  We passionately believe that the future of design will be a space where the boundaries between creative disciplines dissolve.  Here – architects, interaction designers, bio technologists, musicians, fashion designers, film makers, sociologists, engineers and coders all connect and merge together to interact together. 

We look forward to meeting you in person to exchange ideas with us.

Past Talks:

Mon 7 November 2016

The Goldsmiths’ Centre, 42 Britton Street, London, EC1M 5AD

17:00 – 21:45 GMT

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blurred boundaries

TEDx Clerkenwell : Blurred boundaries

2016 is about blurred boundaries, about a world where nothing is black or white but a rich variety of greys. In a global community, where are the limits that outline what makes us unique? What happens when one idea spurs another and then this one brings on another, so that there is no real authorship or ownership? We want to talk about feeding ideas and how inspiration can move from one artist to another, from one discipline to another or from one lifestyle to another, creating a chain of sorts, making everyone and everything interconnected in a woven world of great ideas.

Come join us to share with our speaker´s vision of Blurred Boundaries.


Morgaine Gaye – Food Futurologist
Lionel Real de Azua, Ciaran O’Brien and Lucas Che Tizard– Founders of Red Deer
Jon Yates – External Affairs and Operations (Non-NCS) Director at The Challenge Network
Alexa Pollman – Body-centric designer. Founder of Peut-Porter
Carmen Hijosa –  Entrepreneur, designer and researcher. Founder of Ananas Anam.
Louisa Bremner – Lead Real-Time Artist at AVR London

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The Future of 2016 

The future of 2016

See the video of our event here…

Design Exchange are very excited to be working in partnership with The Future Of… 2016. A groundbreaking new event being held on the 14th September 2016 at the most futuristic and inspiring venue in London, the Flux Lounge.

The one day event will showcase 7 pioneering artists and designers that are moulding the future, the day will be a mixture of talks, walk-n-talks and presentations, allowing everyone to mix and share ideas.

We hope you can come and join us.

The amazing lineup for the day:

Featuring our #FutureForecast edition guest editor Di Mainstone 

The Future of Play by Di Mainstone

The Future of Play by Di Mainstone

The urban landscape is fast becoming an interface for new modes of play through the use of new technologies that clip-on to existing structures and remix their functions. These inventions are allowing us to create magic within the public realm altering our perception of the city. The white stripes on a zebra crossing can become the giant keys to a piano, the light from a lamp post can cast a disobedient shadow that dances instead of following us to the subway, and the suspension bridge on the way to work can become a giant elaborate harp. To illustrate this idea, Di will discuss one of her projects called the Human Harp – a digital device that clips onto suspension bridges enabling the user (or movician) to play the cables like a giant harp. Discussing her process, Mainstone will also explain how she uses film, architecture and performance to create “design fictions” in which she explores expressive modes of interaction, which then feed ideas for the poetic use of technology for future projects and devices.  Di’s next quest?  To play the cosmos!


Wired Innovation Fellow 2016 Di Mainstone is an artist and filmmaker who creates sonic instruments that combine sculpture, dance and technology.  Di is founder of the widely acclaimed Human Harp – a digital musical device that transforms suspension bridges into giant harps so that people can play them.   She was invited to be a global ambassador for audio brand Sennheiser who told her she had invented “the largest instrument in the world!”

Di develop sonic instruments that are “body-centric” and transform physical movement into sound via digital technology.  She has invented the term “movician” to describe the player of her wearable instruments – part-mover part-musician. Di has had art-science residencies at institutes such as Eyebeam Centre for Art and Technology in New York, XS Labs in Montreal, V2_Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam and currently the European City of Science.

Di has joined a host of international institutes as visiting tutor, such as Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, London College of Fashion, New York University and Concordia University in Montreal.  Her sonic devices have been exhibited extensively, most notably at The V&A, The Barbican, The National Portrait Gallery, Eyebeam NYC and the Swedish National Touring Theatre. Di’s work has been featured by BBC World Service, New Yorker, New York Times, Time Out and The Observer.  Her creations can also be seen in films, which she writes and directs.

The Future of Food by Ido Garini

The Future of Food by Ido Garini

The future of food, lies in the understanding of the power of food and eating. On how food taps to the core of our existence beyond the basic survival need and how this has, is and will shape humanity, culture, politics and creativity. How food is used today outside the kitchen, restaurant and dinner table as a tool for marketing, art, and design. How today’s food culture has evolved and where is it heading. The symbolism of food in the creative industry, it’s power as an ultimate experience enhancer and the new food realities this will eventually create. New eating rituals and how they represent what drives us to eat and how we eat. Looking at food as a method of expression and reflecting how this will complement the high pace – high thrill technological overwhelming future we are heading into. What is Appetiting, and how will this manifest in the near and far future.


Ido Garini is the founder and creative director of Studio Appétit. Renowned world wide as a pioneer in the integration of culinary art and the act of eating within the contemporary design, art and also marketing and PR world. Studio Appétit consists of 3 main brands: The Atelier, which works through its ‘Appetiting Lab’ on research, new projects, edible installations, product design and new platforms; -ISM, a creative agency, and Room-Service, a boutique f&b concept house and consultancy for the hospitality industry.

The Future of Health by Lucy McRae

The Future of Health by Lucy McRae

Lucy McRae will use projects as case studies to illustrate how she merges the health, entertainment and biotechnology markets. As the gap between science fiction and reality is shrinking she believes examining the future of the body beyond the Earth’s environment, benefits human health on Earth.

Rooted in evidence based research she will present other projects that prove, exploring the surreal and unpredictable are rich grounds for innovation. Can we design doubt and vulnerable experiences that alter perception and emotional responses as a means to better understand our body?


Lucy McRae is a science fiction artist, director and body architect probing the frontiers of the body, health and human adaptability. Trained in classical ballet, McRae’s artistic study of technology began during her years at Philips Design, where she led the technology company’s far-future research lab. A broad portfolio that focused on emotional sensing, she developed stretchable electronics, an electronic tattoo and a range of emotional sensing dresses. McRae partners with synthetic biologists and scientists to connect health, beauty and biotechnology with science fiction.

Her TED talk has had over 1,400,000 views and sje os  McRae is a TED Fellow, inventor of the Swallowable Parfum, The Future Day Spa and listed by Fast Company as a woman shaping the future. Her latest project The Institute of Isolation examines whether extreme experiences, like isolation may shift brain patterns and be used as a method for evolving human capacity.

WIRED claims “McRae’s art might make you uncomfortable, but that’s okay – it’s meant to. It might also redefine medicine delivery and planetary colonisation”


The Future of Identity by Yifei Chai

The Future of Identity by Yifei Chai

Our trust and reliance on digital has led us to question our physical identities. Using plastic cards and papers to prove who we are when we are physically standing there, or carefully crafting our social profiles to express a deeper desire of who we feel we are. What if digital and technologies take a turn back into physical? What if the future of identity can allow us to be completely someone else?


Yifei Chai is an Innovation Architect specialising in the human/emotive factor of technology and Luxury Psychology. His invention in the space of wearable technology, enables telepresence through muscular stimulation combined with vision synchronisation so that others can experience your physical motion. His “Pretender” project has attracted interest from the UK Government in the form of a £100,000 investment for R&D

Since then he has been investigating problems that bridge the immersive technologies with human empathy in design. This is a key new area of development that has emerged to enable a user to, through gamification and interactive experiences, adopt natural interfaces with clear affordance qualities.

The Future of Making by Caroline Till

The Future of Making by Caroline Till

Celebrating radical ideas that re-evaluate how we will design, manufacture and consume products. Exploring the future of digital fabrication & distributed manufacture, the rise of the maker movement, new material innovations, and the future self-sufficient home factory.


Co-founder and Director of futures consultancy FranklinTill Studio and Editor of global trend bible Viewpoint magazine, Caroline has advised many of the world’s leading brands and organisations to help them prepare for the future. Pioneering and directing the Material Futures course at Central Saint Martins for the last 6 years, Caroline has been contributing worldwide on the subject of sustainable design practices, design innovation and future materials.

The Future of Sustainability by Leyla Acaroglu

The Future of Sustainability by Leyla Acaroglu

How is your fridge contributing to global food waste? Most of us want to do the right thing when it comes to the environment by recycling, but things aren’t as simple as opting for the paper bag.  Sustainability strategist Leyla Acaroglu will challenge your tightly-held green myths and will help you to think bigger in order to create systems and products that ease strain on the planet.

If you’d like to take this theme further and learn more about how to disrupt your thinking, Leyla Acaroglu is running her award winning program The Un-School of Disruptive Design during from 21 – 22 September, 2016. Tickets are limited so be quick.


Born in Australia but based in New York, Dr Leyla Acaroglu’s TED talk is one of the most watched sustainability-themed presentations in TED’s history, with over 1,100,000 views. An award winning designer, sociologist and sustainability provocateur, she explores counterintuitive ideas about what sustainability is and how we can use it to bring about innovative design solutions.

Acaroglu was named one of Melbourne’s Top 100 People of Influence and has featured in the New York Times, Fast Company, The New Yorker, on American and Australian television, and many other media channels.

“As the preeminent thought leader in her field, Leyla Acaroglu has been championing systemic life cycle sustainability as key to a sustainable future” – Australian Design Review


The Future of Art by Margot Bowman


Margot Bowman is an Artist and Creative Director telling cultural stories using new media. She combines her curiosity about the human beings and the world we live in with the digital network that defines our age to explore our “new normal”. A Central St. Martins graduate she has collaborated with Nike, McQueen, Mini, AnOther Magazine, Diesel, Converse and Selfridges as well exhibiting internationally and co-founding 15Folds, a GIF art gallery in 2012. Through her cultural diagram of futurism, sub-culture, technology, sustainability, Bowman is aims to create culture that enables us to better understand ourselves and the strange times we live.


Wednesday 14th September 2016  3pm – 8pm at the Flux Innovation Lounge, London.

Ticket £65

Twitter  @_thefutureof_

The Future Of ......2016


The Wonderful World of Nature

Thursday 12 November,  7pm – 10pm

Venue: Interface Showroom, 1 Northburgh Street, London, EC1V 0AL

It’s the final evening for the amazing Exploration Architecture Exhibition:Designing with Nature .

Join us as designers give their take on: “How has nature inspired my designs?

Yaniv Peer, Exploration Architecture, will host a series of  presentations from:

James BretelPartner at Super Green Architecture

Brodie Neill:  Bold, Innovative sculptural designer

Nicola Millson: Innovation for Impact

Mehran Gharleghi: Designs that integrates aesthetics, culture and performance

Michael Pawlyn: Architect at Exploration Architecture

Food & drinks will be served, so come along and enjoy our hospitality!

Book here The Wonderful World of Nature

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Look forward to seeing you..

Designing With Nature

Click here to see invite in PDF with links  Designing With Nature


Salon on Public Space

Tue 20 October 2015, 5pm – 7pm

FREE, registration essential

The Drawing Room, Pennethorne’s
Somerset House
London WC2R 1LA

Inside Out Festival sees the first of a series of salons co-curated by TCCE and Design Exchange that are being developed to explore our relationship to design in a variety of contemporary contexts and to encourage discussion and debate on key issues relating to our current relationship to and perceptions about public space.

Even a cursory glance of today’s urban landscape reveals signs that suggest that the ways in which places were originally designed to perform their ‘place’ are evolving in response to new needs, desires, opportunities and technologies.

In what ways is this taking place? How is public space and indeed spaces where the public inhabit changing? Are the lines between public and private space shifting and if so in what ways? Who or what is pushing boundaries, creating new usages,  developing and subverting notions of space to meet the needs of people today? What can be achieved by creating alternative usages for public space? What are the implications, who is doing it and for what reasons?

What too is the potential for public space to become a more data-rich resource and what, beyond, the confines of surveillance which is now a given at the heart of most ‘public space’, might we expect to be engaging with in the near future. These are the kinds of questions that will form the basis of what is anticipated to be a rich discussion led by artists, researchers, designers, architects and others that will continue over the coming months.

Contributors to include:
Lydia Fraser-Ward (Fantasy High Street)
Cyril Shing (Chelsea College of Arts)
Torange Khonsari (Founder, Public Works)
Carl Turner (Founder Carl Turner Architects)

Refreshments will be available for purchase at Pennethorne’s

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Employability in the Creative Industries… A Reality Check…

Creative industries are currently growing at twice the rate of the economy, the COA conference on Friday 26 June will address the issue of employability in this popular and expanding field. The industry is hugely varied, fast moving and fiercely competitive so book your place to find out more about how to help your students achieve success.

COA talk


Design Exchange – The importance of Lighting within the Built Environment

Wednesday 3rd June 2015 (11.35am-13.05pm  )

During Vision London

Deltalight UK in partnership with Design Exchange will be hosting a panel of speakers to explore the power of light and its role in the built environment. This will look at such topics as human response to light patterns, lighting trends and the design of lighting as an integrated part of architecture.  Each presenter will give a short presentation exploring the subject, discussing the points and referencing projects from their portfolio. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss the ideas with the panel following the presentation in a group Q&A session.

IMG 5545 from Design Exchange Magazine on Vimeo.

Talk at Vision London

Speaker 1: Carl Turner – Director – Carl Turner Architects

Carl is the founding Director of Carl Turner Architects (CTA). The practice was formed in 2006, and has established a reputation for high impact, low cost Architecture. Projects include POP Brixton, Supernature, Design Council and Slip House. Recent awards and recognition include Manser Medal Winners 2013, RIBA National Award Winners 2013, Best One Off House Architect of the Year 2013.

Speaker 2: Luisa Scardovi – – Senior Lighting Designer – Deltalight UK

With a strong history in lighting and with a degree in architecture, Luisa has specialized within lighting design since 2009. Through her work experience alongside architects and lighting designers across a range of projects including high-end residential, retail and commercial projects, Luisa constantly looks at her architectural background to find inspiration and to understand each project and its relation with both natural and artificial light.

Speaker 3: Jon Tollit – Principal at Gensler

Jon is an award-winning Principal and Europe leader for Design Experience at Gensler’s London office and oversees projects in the lifestyle sector. With an architectural background, and over 30 years of industry experience, his design expertise includes an extensive, global portfolio of customer focused, architecture and interiors projects. Widely published, Jon has been a visiting tutor at a number of leading design schools in the UK and the US and actively campaigns for best practice within interiors through mentoring the next generation design leaders.

Speaker 4: Richard Cameron – Creative Director – Lightivity Lighting Design

Richard Cameron is founder and Creative Director of Lightivity Lighting Design. With over 18 years of professional industry experience, Richard has built up an international portfolio of high profile, award winning projects covering a wide range of design sectors. He has had the privilege to work on notable projects such as; 2012 London Olympic Stadium, City of Westminster College in London, The Co-operative Head Quarters in Manchester and Harrods Grand View Central store in Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 to name but a few. 

Visit Vision London website and register for free

DeltaLight Talk with Design Exchange


Cities in the machine age: all systems, no soul?

Saturday 18 October, 14.00 until 15.30, Cinema 2, Barbican Interrogating Megatrends

What is a ‘smart city’? The UK government takes great pains to explain that the concept is not static: ‘There is no absolute definition of a smart city, no endpoint, but rather a process, or series of steps, by which cities become more “liveable” and resilient and, hence, able to respond quicker to new challenges.’ In essence, many officially recognised smart cities claim that they incorporate networked, intelligent systems ostensibly ‘to make life better’. These systems include sustainable, integrated solutions such as automated utilities, instantaneous feedbacks to improve efficiency, networked infrastructure and online participatory technologies. It all sounds like an exciting, hi-tech future. Indeed, a recent report by the EU, European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities, aims to ‘unleash the full potential of innovation’.

Dr Francesca Bria
senior project lead and senior researcher, Nesta, UK Innovation Foundation; advisor, European Commission on Future Internet and Smart Cities policy
Alastair Donald
associate director, Future Cities Project; project director, British Pavilion, Venice Architecture Biennale, 2014
Léan Doody
associate director and smart cities lead, Arup
Tia Kansara
founder & director, Kansara Hackney Ltd; executive committee member, London Business School’s Global Energy Summit; co-director, CleanTechChallenge
Dr Paul Zanelli
chief technical officer, Transport Systems Catapult


Austin Williams
associate professor in architecture, XJTLU University, Suzhou, China; director, Future Cities Project; convenor, Bookshop Barnies

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Talk Series launched at Tent London / Super Brands during London Design Festival 2014

Super Talks
Ideas were exchanged and debate generated at last year’s Super Talks, curated by Design Exchange. Focusing on the broad theme The Future.

“45 speakers, 10 Chairs and just 4 days; Tent /SuperBrands’ Supertalks was an ambitious endeavour. Yet by drawing together practitioners from the realms of Design, Art, Architecture, Science, Engineering and the creative industries, we at Design Exchange were honoured to witness the kind of frenetic magic that can only occur through the cross pollination of ideas.”
David Morris, Co-founder / Travel editor, Design Exchange.


Design Exchange Discusses… Future Cities 

Published on Sep 21, 2014

Synopsis: The majority of the world’s population now lives in cities and this is a continuing trend. This debate will provide a platform for visionaries from across a variety of disciplines to share their views about the future of urban life.

Chair – Alastair Donald


John McRae

Oliver Marlow

Carl Turner

Jerome Rigaud

Design Exchange Discusses… Future Cities – Super Talks from design exchange magazine on Vimeo.

Design Exchange Discuss…

Digital Fabrication

Synopsis: Designers and artists from around the world are more and more using digital fabrication as a way to develop and realise their work. This talk explores how the technology is evolving and poses questions like, ‘Who is demanding it?’, ‘Why Now?’, ‘What are the creative limitations?’ and finally… ‘What comes next?’

Chair – Martyn Perks 


Dr Paul Reeves 

Mehran Gharleghi

Ghislaine Boddington

Max Wehebrink 

Design Exchange Discusses… Digital Fabrication – Super Talks from design exchange magazine on Vimeo.

Design Exchange discuss… Materials that will Change the Future 

Published on Sep 21, 2014

Synopsis: A panel of forward-thinking designers talk about recent technological breakthroughs in materials, and how these may effect the way we design, manufacture and build in the future.

Chair – Ghislaine Boddington


Ian Hunter

Maria Cheung

Elena Corchero

Design Exchange discuss… Materials that will Change the Future – Super Talks from design exchange magazine on Vimeo.

Natures Influence in the Design Process

Published on Sep 20, 2014

Synopsis: Interior designer Oliver Heath talks with a distinguished panel about how good design can take inspiration from nature using Biomimetic and Biophilic processes to improve the products and spaces that we use every day by strengthening our connection with the natural world.

Chair – Oliver Heath


Dr Craig Knight

Kenneth Freeman

Yaniv Peer

Natures Influence in the Design Process – Super Talks from design exchange magazine on Vimeo.

The Future Consumer Experience

Published on Sep 19, 2014

Synopsis: How do you design a virtual showroom? How can you experience a product when you can’t touch it? Can the experience of being immersed in a space that enhances the feel, smell and idea of a product ever be replaced by buying online? What are virtual designers doing to enhance the virtual experience? Design Exchange invite cutting edge practitioners to discuss…

Chair – Adel Zakout 


Nicolas Rossi

Pete Champion 

Ben Mailen

Louise Thorburn

The Future Consumer Experience – Super Talks from design exchange magazine on Vimeo.


Specialist Craftsmanship vs. Mass production

How can traditional materials and crafts honed over generations, compete with the ever-increasing options for fast fabrication? To what extent do we connect with an object because of its history? Can craftsmanship and technology work in harmony? During this talk we aim to explore the need to look at the past to help mould the future.

Chair – Andrew Clancy


Steven McNamara

Chirag Patel 

Tarek Merlin

Specialist Craftsmanship vs Mass Production – Super Talks from design exchange magazine on Vimeo.


Branding with Light

Lighting contributes strongly to the perception of a brand and a branded space, and the creation of an experience which is unforgettable, inspiring and creative. Matilda Tireus from DELTALIGHT talks with Florence Lam, Director at Arup, and Dominic Harris, founder of Cinimod Studio, about the importance of lighting and how new state-of-the-art technologies are developing, pushing the bounds of possibility, and allowing designers to be more creative.

Chair –  Matilda Tireus


Florence Lam

Dominic Harris 

Branding with Light – Super Talks from design exchange magazine on Vimeo.


Design Exchange Discuss…

Publishing what’s In-Store for the Future? 

This talk aims to generate debate by placing the audience in the driver’s seat. A panel from a variety of backgrounds will engage the audience in a discussion about the future of publishing. With the recent democratisation of media through online publications and platforms such as social media, is it time for the reader to become more involved with the content of the magazines they buy and read?

Chair– John McRae,


Andrea Klettner

Rose Etherington

David Morris

James Pallister

Design Exchange Discuss… Publishing What’s In-Store for the Future? – Super Talks from design exchange magazine on Vimeo.

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