Part 1 – Robert Makey

Cabinet of Curiosities

‘The Cabinet of Curiosities’ is a repository of seemingly ordinary and mundane artifacts. Situated close to the borders of Scotland, Berwick-Upon Tweed straddles between the 2 countries of Scotland and England. The interesting geographical and strategic location has meant that the town has in the past been controlled under English and Scottish rule.


The building serves as a repository, storing and cataloging apparently mundane, everyday objects, allowing them to live-on and share their unique life story. Although the objects may not have any major historic significance, each artifact will be accompanied by a story, which when viewed alongside the object provides a sentimental value, making each item completely unique and special. Presented in the form of videos, pictures, written text and audio, it will bring life to the seemingly mundane item, encapsulating its unique story to all who view it.

The majority of the collection will be built from objects brought to the museum by the public. This gives an incentive for people to visit Berwick, giving them the chance to have their artifact stored, catalogued and viewed, preserving it for future generations. The building is part of a phased development of Berwicks Quayside that has declined from the hive of activity it once used to be at the height of both its fishing and shipbuilding industries only 30 years ago.

A proposed extension of the towns market will connect the otherwise secluded Quayside with the towns center and act as an architectural device to persuade people down to what should be the heart of the town. An extension of the small docking area will allow for a new type of tourism as well as acting as a catalyst to restart the fishing industry.

Once on the Quayside, a series of soft landscaping and a general greening of the area will direct people around to the south of the quay were the museum sits. The Repository has been raised off of the ground to allow for greater public realm and potential future growth with phased popup shops located underneath the building.

The majority of the museum is located on first floor level with the ancillary spaces located in long thin concourse. From this concourse you can visit the series of standalone repository towers and viewing pods which have been dotted around to create a better connection across the site. The journey takes draws people through the building whilst framing key views.

Rob Makey

Finally, as a way of celebrating the stunning views and making more of the prime location, an addition of a small new pier and plinth will provide a final destination for visitors and residents to be able to sit, enjoy their fish and chips whilst looking out over the sea, lighthouse and horizon beyond.



Bond Bryan Architects

West Yorkshire Society of Architects

Part of Lighting Exchanges from Deltalight

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