Part 1 – Mohammed Mahdi

IDENTITY CRISIS: Who am I?, Museum of Berwick-Upon-Tweed

Situated close to the borders of Scotland, the town straddles between the countries of Scotland and England. Over centuries, the town had fallen under changing border locations. Berwick’s interesting geographical and strategic location has meant the town has been controlled by English and Scottish rule. This notion of nationalism took centre-stage during the 2014 referendum campaign which proposed Scottish Independence.


It is this strategic maritime position of Berwick Upon Tweed at the mouth of River Tweed that reinforced and decorated the infrastructure and architecture to produce a unique identity. This attracted naval interest resulting in a rich military legacy. Fishing, whaling and seafaring trade also built up a thriving industry. The town was also the favourite holiday destination of the renowned artist LS Lowry who captured the townscape in many of his paintings made during vacations here.

Mohammed Mahdi

The museum celebrates the unique identity and reflects the town’s projection into the future.



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