UncommonGoods is a company dedicated to making sustainability a part of every decision they make. They are committed to offering their clients creative and exciting products by working with a variety of suppliers from artists to small manufacturers – to make their products in a more socially and environmentally responsible manner.

With everything from fashion, to sculpture to home décor, UncommonGoods insures its clients that their products are environmentally sustainable with the fundamental goal to sell no product that harms human or animal alike.

Glass Water Faucet by Gary Guydosh

Their collection features one off and individual pieces, ideal for office or home. Their home décor range features lighting from independent designers such as Cassidy Schulz Brush and Nir Chehanowski (seen below) showcasing some of their best products, which customers can browse with the assurance of carefully hand selected, sustainable design. 

Industrial Chandelier by Cassidy Schulz Brush

Industrial Chandelier by Cassidy Schulz Brush

Spiral Bulb LED Lamp by Nir Chehanowski

Spiral Bulb LED Lamp by Nir Chehanowski

Other collections include artwork by Renee Leone and furniture exclusively at www.uncommongoods.com such as the Barnwood State Side Tables 


Barnwood State Side Tables

Brooklyn Bridge by Renee Leone

Brooklyn Bridge by Renee Leone

En Route To Red Lodge by Renee Leone

En Route To Red Lodge by Renee Leone

Formation by Vicki Rulli & Tom Heaphey

Formation by Vicki Rulli & Tom Heaphey

UncommonGoods is first and foremost a retailer with the customer and the environment equally at heart.

By using the Internet as a medium for sustainable promotion also they reduce the amount of company waste from catalogues and brochures to a minimum, always keeping their mission for sustainability in mind. Their blog is one of the key ways they advertise their company.

To see the blog click here

For more information of the products available at UncommonGoods or their Mission visit  www.uncommongoods.com

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