Rio 2

Designed by Morgan studio and studio Integrate

This year, Morgan are celebrating the art of collaboration, with their new Clerkenwell showroom Art Installation and their new designs.

Launching at Sleep + Eat 2018, the collection of Rio 2 tables will be their most recent collaborative project. Combining skills and expertise with Architect Mehran Gharleghi, of studio INTEGRATE, Morgan will introduce a new collection of tables for the contract market that include 3D printed components. The first of its kind within the sector, to include this recent technology with a commercially viable price point, the sophisticated and luxurious collection is one not to be missed.

Rio2 - Morgan in collaboration with studio INTEGRATE

Rio 2 – Morgan studio in collaboration with studio INTEGRATE

The first Rio collection was launched in 2016, exploring the relationship of the craft of yesterday with the craft of tomorrow, perfectly combining the skills and expertise of the Morgan team, and Mehrans Gharleghi’s knowledge of new technologies.

The collection uses a polyamide 3D printed component as a main structure with which to attach a glass or timber top and timber turned legs. This joining element was designed using a mathematical algorithm to create a unique framework that could not have been made via any other process. The technique is an additive process, and therefore not only offers design freedom, but is also a sustainable manufacturing solution.

Rio 2 - Morgan studio in collaboration with studio INTEGRATE

Rio 2 – Morgan studio in collaboration with studio INTEGRATE

The second generation that will be joining the collection in November are two new table designs. With this version, the designers were able to access further possibilities, resulting in a more geometric and regular aesthetic, as opposed to the organic feel of the first generation. The use of materials was also reduced and refined, adding further options to the entirety of the collection. On the edge of design and technology, the tables are an iconic piece at an affordable price.

Both Mehran and Katerina approach design in different ways, Katerina sketches and draws to scale with a pen, whilst Mehran designs digitally, through modelling. Initially this resulted in a series of miniature 3D printed resin prototypes from Mehran and then to full-scale models from Morgan. These two processes allowed the team to review the design both aesthetically and in terms of scale and proportions giving an immediate sense of reality.

Through the design process, Morgan and Mehran, managed to bring down the production cost significantly and increase the factor of strength by three folds. This was done by introducing geometrical differentiation in various parts of the table according to the structural analysis conducted by Morgan Studio. Digital analyses were informed by previous FIRA testing and guidelines. By establishing an iterative feedback loop between design and analysis, the team managed to find the perfect balance between cost and strength while maintaining the striking aesthetics of the collection. The same method was applied throughout the design process, from the overall design, all the way down to the detailing of the tables, making sure that the 3D printed component would allow for the legs to be attached at the correct angle and the glass fittings to line up precisely.

Join Morgan on stand C60 at Sleep + Eat, to see the Rio 2- tables, and have the opportunity to meet the designer and hear more about this exciting design process.


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