Pulse Cinemas Push the Boundaries of Home Cinema Style

From its humble beginnings in the late Seventies, home movie viewing has come a long way. Not just with advances in audio and visual technology but also with comfort and design. Even the ‘home’ is no longer a restriction; you’ll see many a lavish private cinema on board yachts, in penthouse suites or beside swimming pools. 

Since 2003, Pulse Cinemas have become the go-to consultants in the home cinema landscape. Their client base includes HNWIs, celebs and sports personalities – all of whom have consistently pushed the boundaries in home cinema comfort, sound and visual quality and wow-factor. Pulse supply design inspiration and technical know-how as well as working to support dealers and benefit the industry by forging relationships with film distributor giants.

Pulse Cinema

In Pulse’s book, there are no restrictions. Anything is possible, ideas are without limit. Home cinemas are a design feature and no detail is overlooked.

Use of space is important, Pulse Cinema’s CEO Mike Beatty describes “, there’s not a more enthralling experience than spending the evening with friends and family watching the latest blockbuster movie on the big screen within your very own dedicated cinema…But what if the space doesn’t allow for rows of Fortress Cinema chairs and a dedicated Screen Research screen, a projector shining from a darkened ceiling, a rack of Datasat processors and power amps; all driven by a Kaleidescape movie server?”

Pulse Cinema

The solution here, he explains, is the flex cinema set up; where a living space has a dual function “, at first glance your beautiful living room offers nothing more than a low level Japanese dining table; cushions scattered around the floor and lighting that focuses the guests’ attention on the gorgeous meal that has been served… Then, at a touch of a button, like something from a Bond movie, your beautiful living space becomes an amazing cinema…Your Lutron lights dim, the blinds silently fall from a slither in the ceiling, the hidden projector and Screen Research Motorised Screen drops into place and suddenly the generous Kaleidescape offering of the latest blockbuster movies, in full HD quality, appears on screen for your guests to choose from.”

Pulse Cinema

Of course, whichever room the cinema is in, acoustics play a key role in the perfect set up, “Cinema Acoustics offer a whole range of acoustic panel treatments to improve the audio performance of a room,” explains Andy Jones, Sales Director at Pulse Cinemas “, by using a combination of absorption, diffusion and bass control these panels dramatically improve the listening experience, increase immersion and reduce listener fatigue. These acoustic panels are made to order and can be customised with the clients’ own artwork or images, giving a completely bespoke solution. We have seen movie posters, family photos, artwork or even suede finishes complete the room.”

Furthermore, Pulse Cinemas insist that the performance and quality of the seating should match that of the technical equipment and work closely with Californian company Fortress to create stylish seating, right down to the detail of the stitching. From fringed red velvet reminiscent of a vintage theatre seat to a sleek leather finish monogrammed with studs, Fortress chairs can be created to differing back heights, reclining to the angle of the customers’ choice.

Pulse Cinema

Another component that Pulse Cinemas fully endorse is the Kaleidescape system, which they describe as “THE high performance movie and music server system.” The newly available Encore product line allows movies to be purchased, backed up and saved to a cloud – then watched in 4K Ultra HD at any time. For the luxury cinema environment, it seems, anything else would be inferior.

With prices for a home cinema beginning at around £15K (and going up to over £million) another trend Pulse Cinemas are quick to highlight is that they are no longer the bastion of the single male. Mike Beatty emphasises “, on the contrary, 95% of our dealer’s clients are couples, choosing the cinema for the family to enjoy. Home cinema is definitely no longer perceived as Dad’s toy, our business is to create beautiful cinema designs and this includes choosing fabric for chairs and bespoke colour-schemes…It is a family decision. People often think home cinema is just for watching films, but they are awesome for watching music and sporting events or even playing console games.”

Installations using the carefully selected portfolio of Pulse Cinema components are offered by a network of specialist custom installers, located around the UK; who are all ready and technically equipped to turn your cinema dreams into reality.

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