Interface Introduces Nature Inspired Ice Breaker Carpet Tile Range

Interface, the worldwide commercial flooring company and leader in sustainability, launches its latest nature-inspired carpet tile range, Ice Breaker . Organisations today are asking architects, designers and flooring specialists to create interiors, that offer simple, mindful and nature-inspired environments with an emphasis on tactility and sensory contact. With the pervasiveness of technology in every aspect of work, they desire spaces that prevent overstimulation and create a sense of calm and seek softer colours, comfortable materials and subtle transitions.

Camera Height 114.5cm. No drop

Ice Breaker mimics scratched ice to provide bespoke gradient shapes and natural flow across the floor. Available in nine grey and neutral tones in a 50 cm x 50 cm square, it is designed to be installed in a non-directional pattern and can be used alongside Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) or nora® rubber flooring to create multiple spaces that offer people in the space a variety of serene and sophisticated environments. 

With a simple colour palette, quick delivery options and a price point to suit all budgets, Ice Breaker is easy to work into any interior design scheme. 

Camera Height 114.5cm. Lens drop 4mm

Mandy Leeming, Design & Development Manager, Interface EMEA, said: “Workplaces are much more than a space to get a job done. By incorporating design elements that are familiar in the consumer space; softer colours, texture and sustainable materials to accessories; designers can create mindful spaces, engineered to energize, encourage collaboration and drive results at work. Beginning the design process with a nature-inspired flooring solution, ensures designers are positioned to set the tone of the work environment and support the ecology of the workspace as it evolves to mirror the needs of its users.”

A multitude of backings

To create a workplace acoustic experience that actively contributes to employee wellbeing, the Ice Breaker product comes with three standard backing options, Graphlex and SONE® and CircuitBac Green. SONE® technology improves the acoustic qualities of a room by increasing sound absorption and reducing the impact of sound to aid concentration for workers. The cushioned backing also improves under-foot comfort ensuring users have improved working conditions providing an added benefit for business. CircuitBac Green gives you the best possible environmental performance of any Interface backing. The backing uses plant-based natural oils as well as recycled content. The bio-based content provides a carbon-negative alternative to existing backing materials, meaning it absorbs more carbon than it emits during its production. This significantly reduces the overall carbon footprint of the finished carpet tile.

Carbon Neutral by Creation

Ice Breaker is carbon neutral through its entire product lifecycle, as standard and at no extra cost, through the Interface Carbon Neutral Floors™ programme. By selecting Interface products customers are committing to use products that reduce embodied carbon, a key contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment, helping the planet and supporting the Climate Take Back™  mission to reverse global warming. 

Camera Height 121cm. Lens drop 6mm

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