Divina Baths by Novellini

The latest project from Novellini offers a further collaboration between the designer Massimo Farinatti and this Italian institution. These products add to their already established philosophy of The Bathroom Experience and looks to promote well being and relaxation.

The Divina Collection, with it’s elegance and simplicity has a range of three options for shape and installation. Divina is a rectangular bath available in the classic modes, Divina  O, an asymmetric bath and Divina C, a semicircular one that can be installed recessed or in a corner.



Divina O

DIVINA_O copia

Divina C


The Divina design is a distinct model, with a sharp and sleek profile, all these features are found in Farinatti’s composition, its aim is to become one of the leading products in Novellini’s collection. Divina is born by revising the usual design approach and presents a bath of large dimensions with a deep interior, a space to truly relax and sink into.

Sense3_chaise longue+omino

The range is perfected by its complimentary accesories which include side and central trays and a headrest, as well as a rim mounted shelf, not to mention a unique waterfall tap unit with shower head and progressive temperature control. The bathtub is also available with a selection of side panelling in a range of colours. In partnership with bathroom furniture producer Iotti, they have chosen to use a new PVC-free environmentally-friendly material for these products. Divina’s panelling can be matched with Iotti furniture to create a truly environmentaly-friendly designer bathroom. The panels are scratch-resistant, durable, easy-clean surfaces that do not attract dust as well as being water-repellent and stain proof. The panels are available in colours that range from polished white all the way to Wenge.

Complimentary accessories available:

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 13.45.40

Side panelling range of colours:

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 14.00.13

But the main feature of the Divina bathtub is it’s hydromassage element, the benefits of which help relax the body and the mind, bringing total mental and physical relaxation. Single bathtubs are in point of fact equipped with jets designed and regulated to act on the whole body and to massage “towards the heart”. In this way the circulatory and lymphatic systems are stimulated and the benefits of hot water and massage are maximised. During immersion in hot water the parasympathetic nervous system produces a larger amount of hormones that cause the body to relax, reducing the symptoms caused by stress accumulated during the day. In addition, the pressure of the massage stimulates the production of endorphins which generate a feeling of pleasure and relaxation. A bath in hot water also helps to facilitate sleep and combat symptoms of insomnia, enabling you to recuperate. All these features add up to offer a bath that not only relaxes but induces a sense of well being, this is an excellent addition to any home as it allows an you to switch off from the modern world.

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