Will Liverpool’s Property Boom Continue?

Liverpool is right in the thick of a property boom. The city is enjoying one of the most prosperous and advantageous periods in its history after a decade of heavy investment, interest and subsequent growth. Since the unqualified success of its European Capital of Culture year in 2008, Liverpool has become a vital and intriguing cog of the Northern Powerhouse machine.

Liverpool has become a haven for serious and sustained property investment. It is a much-welcomed consequence of sustained regeneration that has seen once-neglected and disused parts of this great city given new life and a bright future.

Liverpool offers a great combination of low house prices for buyers and high rental yields for investors and landlords. New developments are as much a part of Liverpool’s landscape as its famous Liver Buildings. The city is currently in a perpetual state of change and growth that makes it both an extremely attractive place to live and work, as well as a great place to invest and build.

But can Liverpool’s property boom continue? What are the elements that can either make or break the city’s rapid growth and what effects will they have?

Will Liverpool’s Property Boom Continue


Regeneration is the name of the game in Liverpool and is the primary driving force behind the city’s return to prominence. The historic Albert Dock, Liverpool ONE and the Echo Arena are just three big money regeneration projects that have galvanised the newly-thriving city centre alone.

But the jewel in Liverpool’s regenerative crown is the Liverpool Waters project; a £5.5bn masterplan that could become the UK’s most ambitious and biggest regeneration project to date.

With newly built ports, hotels, office space and residential builds, the Liverpool Waters project even encompasses a brand new 55,000-capacity stadium for Everton Football Club.

The effect on Liverpool’s property boom from such sustained and worthwhile investment can only be positive. For buyers, tenants, sellers and landlords the new abundance of available developments, surrounded by strong commercial areas and transports links, make the vastly regenerated areas of Liverpool one of the most attractive and potentially lucrative parts of the UK.

Low House Prices and High Yields

One of the secrets behind Liverpool’s return to the big time lies in its low property prices. Liverpool property is performing incredibly well when compared to other regional and city markets. Coupled with its stellar rental yields, Liverpool current property market is in disgustingly good health.

Of the UK’s top ten buy-to-let hotspots, three Liverpool postcodes occupy the top ten positions, including first and second place. Areas in L7, L6 and L1 vastly out-perform area in Edinburgh, Manchester and Newcastle. London does not even crack the top ten, and the capital’s slumping market, profusion of properties waiting to sell, and spiralling prices has led to buyers and investors seeking their fortune and peace of mind in cities like Liverpool. With renewed and continued interest, Liverpool’s property boom can only stay on its current course.

Constant Demand Means Constant Growth

The ever-increasing numbers of students and young professionals moving to Liverpool means that the city’s property market faces more demand than it can supply. Thus, the need for new developments is one of the biggest boosters on the rocket-like growth of Liverpool’s property boom.

The demand for high-end luxury apartments and other living space in Liverpool is at an all-time high. Property investment companies such as RW Invest are seeing their stock sell out in months as keyed-up investors flock to Liverpool to secure investments at low prices that offer high yields.

All Boom and No Bust

As Liverpool’s student, professional and residential populations steadily rise year on year, and regeneration and investment continue with aplomb and full confidence, it seems that Liverpool’s property boom period is not only in its relative infancy, but still has a long way to go before any designated peak is reached. For investors, there has never been a better time to look to the North West, and to Liverpool, as the place to be when it comes to property.

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