Visual Code and Drawn Lines

Interface®introduces a new carpet tile collectionVisual Code™ and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) product Drawn Lines™.

Drawn Lines - Aquamarine, Radial - Vista Vertex

Drawn Lines – Aquamarine, Radial – Vista Vertex

Visual Code and Drawn Lines take inspiration from technology and nature. Whether displayed on their own or paired together, the products offer a colourful, engaging environment for a range of spaces such as corporate offices, hospitality and education.

“Our product designs stimulate creativity and inspiration in everyday spaces, while taking positive steps toward a healthier planet,” says Lisa King, vice president of product innovation and insights. “Visual Code and Drawn Lines reconnect people through biophilic attributes and recall influence of the maker movement in hand-crafted design details. Both collections enhance any space though the products’ modular capabilities and complementary designs that effortlessly deliver uncomplicated, cutting-edge flooring to meet a variety of customer needs.”

DrawnLines - Silver Amethyst Ashlar

DrawnLines – Silver Amethyst Ashlar

Product Detail

Visual Code is designed by David Oakey, product designer exclusive to Interface, and marries the worlds of high-tech and high-touch. The collection pulls inspiration from images of glitch graphics and simple textures, which recall traditional woven fabrics and rugs, and is accentuated by a palette comprised of greys and pops of bright, bold colors.

The global collection seamlessly pairs with a range of Interface offerings, such as the newly released LVT collection, Drawn Lines, for an integrated flooring system of hard and soft without the need for transition strips. It boldly sets a new course for design in corporate offices, education and multi-family living spaces by stylistically spanning hand-crafted materials and technological influence.

Visual Code is comprised of patterns that promote a sensory experience. The collection features:

Core textures: Plain Stitch™, Stitchery™ and Stitch Count™

Bold patterns and accents: Static Lines™, Hard Drive™ and Circuit Board™

Black and white patterns: Darning™, Haptic™, Overedge™ and Decibel™

Circuit Board -Red, Circuit Ashlar

Circuit Board -Red, Circuit Ashlar

“In a world of AI, VR, robotics and smart everything, we are losing our ability to have truly organic and creative thinking. Visual Code brings engagement with the natural world and real, high-touch things back into our spaces,” says Oakey.

The Visual Code modular carpet collection is available in 25cm x 1m Skinny Planks™ ranging from flat to plush and even a shag style.

Static Lines Granite Static Hard Drive Granite HD Ashlar

Static Lines Granite Static Hard Drive Granite HD Ashlar

Drawn Lines, the latest global LVT product from Interface, is designed by Kari Pei, Interface’s lead product designer, and offers a distinct pattern inspired by fractals found in nature. The collection uses nature’s geometric patterns as a muse to guide layered filament-fine marks in varying weights and rhythms to create a prismatic geometry in an array of scales.

Pei designed Drawn Lines using a never-ending pattern, enhanced by a base of smoky brights, cool and warm neutrals. The geo-woven pattern is accented by threads of metallic, which add shimmer and depth.

“I believe this is the gem of our LVT designs, thus far, due to its pattern, which is unlike anything on the market,” says Pei. “I was inspired by the beautiful, intricate patterns found in nature. It’s these biophilic design elements that give the product a clean, modern look that elevates any environment, from corporate office, to education, to healthcare.”

Visual Code and Drawn Lines, along with Interface’s complete portfolio of carpet and LVT, are also carbon neutral through its entire product lifecycle as part of the company’s Carbon Neutral Floors™ program, at no extra cost to Interface customers. Customers can now participate in Interface’s Climate Take Back™ mission to reverse global warming by choosing Interface products, helping reduce embodied carbon, a key contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment. The carbon neutral programme is verified annually by independent third-party auditors.

Plain Stitch, Charcoal Plain Flint, Plain Ashlar

Plain Stitch, Charcoal Plain Flint, Plain Ashlar

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