Smart Film Glass

Smart Film Glass is a remarkable advance in glazing technology. With the use of specially designed switchable film, any glass fitting can be transformed into an opaque state in an instant. It’s a cool concept, and creates a stunning effect.

We think you’ll agree from the photos below, that the effect of the glass once activated is simply amazing.

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Smart Film Glass by Office Blinds and Glazing

The technology is produced using intelligent film which is carefully applied to an office partition, window or wherever required. The product can be used just about anywhere that is situated adjacently to a power supply, to ensure that the mechanism is functional. In order to transition between a transparent and opaque state, the glass runs on AC power which is usually controlled by a standard light switch or remote control.

However, Smart Film Glass does not always have to be manually controlled. A huge advance in technology means that the intelligent system can also be controlled by heat and energy. When applied to an outside window, it has the ability to block harsh infrared rays in the summer and increase the temperature in the winter, keeping it at a constant all year round.

Light can also trigger the technology, automatically transitioning from translucent to transparent when presented with strong or weak light, in order to maximise the efficiency of natural lighting. With its contributions to lighting and heating, this makes it a smart investment when looking to keep energy costs down.

Smart Film Glass by Office Blinds and Glazing

Smart Film Glass by Office Blinds and Glazing

Besides all of its other benefits, the main reason this product is so useful is how it acts as an alternative for window blinds, to give a more sleek and modern touch to the office. Office design is hugely important for all businesses, and any opportunity to make an impression should be taken. This is why the design is such a great, low-maintenance way to replace old window blinds as it is far more aesthetically pleasing.

The ability to add instant privacy to an area is something that every office can benefit from, as it’s particularly useful for any business meetings where privacy is of the utmost importance. Not only is this practical for a quick fix in privacy, but also gives the ‘wow’ factor which can be used to impress potential clients.

Smart Film Glass by Office Blinds and Glazing

Smart Film Glass by Office Blinds and Glazing

Another way in which it is the perfect product for the business place, is how it can be used as a projection screen. Providing that glass partitions are placed in a suitable position for all to see, the smart film can act as a seamless projection screen for any presentations that would otherwise require a separate monitor. So, this isn’t your average roll-down projection screen, but is instead a stunning office feature that serves more than one purpose.

As you can see, Smart Film Glass provides everyone with the opportunity to infuse a bit of modern life into their office, with a product that is both practical and impressive. After all, why would you not want to turn glass partitioning into a multi-purpose product?

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