Skin Deep

A sculpture resulting from the collaboration of a Scottish drinks company and an Italian designer famed for its association with sports cars? Not the most likely scenario perhaps. But then Chivas Regal 18 and Pininfarina have both always combined tradition with innovation. Two Paolos come together to discuss the sculpture, a limited edition. Enter Mascherone, the third level of this collaboration.

“The freestanding display,” says Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the eponymous company, “That is a fantastic representation of the values of quality, consistency, harmony, luxury, exclusivity.”

Paolo Trevisan, Pininfarina’s Creative Director, explains, “I think with design one and two we created the metalwork outside and we have the wood inside. With design three, that becomes our sculpture altogether. Like showing the process, showing the main activity.

So you can see the inside and the outside clinging together. The wood we chose was something really warm and representative of the past. You can see it on the Chivas barrels taking care of this magic liquid and in Pininfarina the wood was very important… [it was] used to build the mascherone… [it] was the old way to shape the cars. Mascherone is a kind of Y-frame, it is done by creating reticular pieces of wood and in the past was the way to create the shapes.

So after creating this Y-frame, the workers hammered the metal surfaces to create this skin and out of that came the master to go to production with the cars. The metal represents the two companies, Chivas Regal 18 and Pininfarina. I think in the end we created this sculpture to glorify the craftsmanship.

We like to design products where you have different perspectives and so the product itself looks in movement, it looks alive. To build design three, many people were involved in the process. Each one had different skills, different knowledge specific for every material and helped by technology. But at the end, the final touch is by hand. That’s something we believe in and I am happy we had the opportunity to create an object like this.

I feel Mascherone is a kind of award for the workers because it was like that in the past, it was really hard work.”

Pininfarina evolved from an artisan collective in the 1930s to an international group and renowned global partner of the motor industry. Through this collaboration with Chivas Regal 18, Pininfarina’s oak and aluminium Mascherone sculpture brings it back to its roots.

Words: Stuart Blakley

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