One Day In The City: Mobile Studio

If I had just ‘one day in the city’ I would be in a whirlwind of panic, but Mobile Studio Architects and their creative exhibition design would certainly be on my list for a visit [alongside my best friend from school Claire.]

Their latest foray for UCL is the Festival of London and Literature + Man Booker Prize Evening where the ‘city wall’ has inspired the explorative wrapping yellow exhibition areas. The ‘city wall’ design playfully engages with the existing neo-classical space of the South Cloisters, breaking up the ordered geometry to allow the work on display to both exist within the space of UCL while indicating to connections outside of the University to the city beyond. For one day only the space is transformed into a giant yellow cloud [using what I can only imagine to be weather balloons]. Across from the display wall there is a giant bookshelf (mimicking the skyline) displaying some of the books that are relevant to the exhibitors’ work, which will allow visitors extra information beyond the exhibition. Together the collection of installations acts as a temporary city within a city, within the UCL South Cloisters, London.

The exhibition displays work by leading academics, artists and professionals from an interdisciplinary fields including; Matthew Beaumont, Kasia Boddy, Iain Borden, Ben Campkin, Thomas Jenkins, Jan Kattein, CJ Lim, AY Architects, Isaac Marrero-Guillamón, Mobile Studio, Hilary Powell, Rebecca Ross, Joy Sleeman, Amy Thomas, John Timberlake and Danielle Willkens.

The exhibition is co-curated by Nick Shepley (UCL English) and Andrea Fredericksen (UCL Art Museum), in partnership with the Bartlett School of Architecture, and is generously supported by UCL Grand Challenges: Sustainable Cities.

The exhibition runs 15 June – 22 August 2012

Words Gem Barton

Images:  Mobile Studio © June 2012

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