Office environments that offer an experience, not just the chance to collaborate…

The popularity and effectiveness of collaborative working has been reflected in the typical office interiors layout for some time now, with businesses focusing on creating a more open working environment that encourages interaction and creativity.  This is indicative of how the modern workspace has had to adapt (or die out) in the face of the way in which contemporary businesses seek to inspire employees and drive increased levels of productivity. Achieving this has been partly due to the need to breakdown perceptions of traditional hierarchies that a conventional office layout perpetuates.

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There are exciting times ahead though, as new research has revealed a shift in the way that many businesses utilise their workforces. The popularity of flexible working as well as allowing employees to work more from home is driving increased levels of pressure on businesses to use interior design and layout as something which draws employees back into the workplace. This can only be achieved by offering the widest amount of workspaces possible under one roof – everything from open plan areas and break-out zones to isolated areas where staff can concentrate without being disrupted.

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The office of the (near) future must, therefore, be multi-functional in order to have relevance to the way people work right now, as well as in the future. Although difficult to achieve overnight, here are a few starting points for making sure the journey towards an office space that meets the needs of the modern worker:

  • Consider the office space available: how many different ‘zones’ can realistically be incorporated
  • Use the specific needs of the workforce to determine what zones will benefit staff most – where possible, ensure staff are consulted to make them part of the decision process
  • Regularly review these needs and if there has been a marked change, be prepared to replace or introduce additional zones

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Work environments that inspire are far more than just functional, they offer employees an ‘experience’ that inspires creativity and innovation. An investment of time and, where necessary, capital will therefore pay significant dividends.

Nigel Crunden is a Business Specialist at Office Depot

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  1. Great article. Work environments that inspire everyone not only increase creativity and innovation but reduces stress and helps performance. With long working hours, it’s important to make sure staff are happy no matter how they work. We’ve written an article on how office design can help collaboration.

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