Launch of CRN’s 80-Metre Megayacht

de were amongst the three thousand people that gathered at the CRN Shipyard in Ancona, Italy last Saturday morning to celebrate the new flagship CRN 129 “Chopi Chopi” which, at a staggering 80 metres, is the largest megayacht ever built by CRN and one of the biggest ever produced in Italy.

Chopi Chopi, with a value exceeding 80 million euros, is the 129th pleasure vessel built by the shipyard. Building the yacht required approximately 660,000 working hours, employing many local suppliers. Chopi Chopi is a grand showcase of Italian quality, having been fully constructed in Ancona and designed by two Italian architectural firms: Studio Zuccon International Project, designers of the interior and exterior layout, and Studio Laura Sessa Romboli, who is now completing the interior furniture and decor. The completed vessel presents Italy’s outstanding shipbuilding industry to the world.

Guests at the launch included institutional representatives, VIPs, the shipyard’s employees, and the entire management of the Ferretti Group. Considering the significance to the local community, the shipyard gates, unusually, were opened to the public, with hundreds of citizens welcomed to join the festivities.

The launch ceremony was attended by CRN’s Chairman and CEO, Lamberto Tacoli, the Chairman of the Ferretti Group and the Weichai Group, Tan Xuguang, and the Ferretti Group’s CEO, Ferruccio Rossi. Several public authorities were also in attendance, including the Chinese Ambassador in Italy, Ding Wei, the President of the Marche Region Council, Gian Mario Spacca, Ancona’s Mayor, Fiorello Gramillano, and many leading Italian industrialists and entrepreneurs, headed by the President of Ucina-Confidustria Nautica (the Italian Marine Industry Association), Anton Francesco Albertoni.

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