Interactive light artworks at Marineterrein Amsterdam

Land exhibition Amsterdam Light Festival opens 

After five successful editions of the ‘Illuminade’ Amsterdam Light Festival have decided to do things a little differently this year. For the first time, the land exposition will take place at the Marineterrein Amsterdam, an amazing new location within walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station.

Squared Time - Hanna Betsema

Squared Time – Hanna Betsema

Fifteen interactive artworks light up this new area until 7 January 2018. Visitors of the festival are free to explore the exhibition area at their own initiative. During these three weeks, there will also be guided tours. The land exhibition is freely accessible. Between 14 December and 7 January the land exhibition functions as a meeting point for visitors and artists, providing a daily program consisting of lectures about light art, interactive performances and artist talks with the participating artists about the creation of their work. During the land exhibition Marineterrein Amsterdam is also accessible with a free ferry between NEMO and Marineterrein.

This year’s participating artists, designers and architects from Australia, Belgium, China, Canada, England, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, the Netherlands, Russia, and the United States based their work on a central theme: ‘Existential’. Work includes:

Helmut Dick creates ‘architectural interventions’ on the outer surfaces of buildings: on the facades, roofs, gardens or sidewalks. Dick’s interventions show us the connections and associations that you, consciously or unconsciously, have with your environments. The Blinking initially presents you with the idea that a car has crashed into the facade. At a second glance, you see that not only the car lights flash but that all the lights in the building turn on and off. Together,they form a synchronised, yellow-orange warning light.

The Blinking - Helmut Dick

The Blinking – Helmut Dick

Yasuhiro Chida’s installation Brocken 6 A is inspired by a natural light phenomenon: the mysterious Brocken spectre. The ‘ghost’ consists of a shadow of yourself that has been projected on a cloud of fog and surrounded by a luminous wreath in rainbow colours. The phenomenon occurs when the sun is positioned directly behind you, thereby breaking and scattering the light rays. Chida recreates this phenomenon by using a large metal box with thousands of manually punctured holes.

Brocken 6A - Yasuhiro Chida

Brocken 6A – Yasuhiro Chida

Artist Reanna Niceforo and photographer Phil Sutherland found inspiration in an allegory of Plato for their project Enlightened? A man, trapped in a cave, perceives only transient shadows and echoes (our daily reality) but never comes into contact with real life (the perfect, ordered world). The installation’s photo booth makes you aware that our self-image is like a shadow on the wall of the cave. With regards to the perception we have of ourselves, we are far from ‘enlightened’.

AlexP’s installation Existential: a collection of individuals consists of 576 LED lights hanging from a circular frame. Each individual light marks a spot on the ground; together the spots form a circle of light. The circle is not static; wind, a welcomed and unpredictable factor, keeps it in motion. The effect is hypnotic. Over time, you will see that the lights form a community, a circle without a beginning or an end, and in which all are equal.

AlexP’s installation Existential

AlexP’s installation Existential

Those who enter Lidy Six’s Fields of Frequencies are immersed in light and sound and have the chance to experience pure colour. In the ever-changing light composition, colours succeed one another at a slow pace, much like a live colour field painting. Six challenges the limits of your perception with the magical effect of the subtle changes in colour. The different colour frequencies each evoke their own atmosphere, emotions and associations, which are enhanced by Joaquin Claussell’s layered fields of sound.

Fields of Frequencies - Lidy Six

Fields of Frequencies – Lidy Six

Takeo Sugamata immersed himself in the fascinating interpretation of light in quantum mechanics for his installation The Garden of Schrödinger’s Cats. According to this theory of physics, light is assumed to consist of waves or of individual particles depending on the calculations used – it is unclear what is the truth. Sugamata finds it astonishing that we know so little about something that surrounds us every day.

Garden of Schrödinger's cats - Takeo Sugamata

Garden of Schrödinger’s cats – Takeo Sugamata

Vinny Jones is curious about how her installation Innersense will make you feel. Each of the sensory showers is designed to immerse you in an environment of colours, temperature (hot or cold) and sound (an extremely high or low inaudible frequency). The variables in these showers are tailored to one of the four classic elements: earth, air, fire and water. Jones hopes that we can make a valuable connection with the essential, directional and activating energy of pure light.

Vinny Jones

Vinny Jones

The enormous lines that make up Peter Vink’s installation refer to the special tympanum found above the 17th century gate located on the Kattenburgerstraat 5. The tympanum includes a relief of the navy’s forerunner, the Amsterdam Admiralty, as well as several depictions of shipbuilding tools that were used by the workers who entered the shipyard through this gate. Now, as you walk under the gate, it is as though the whole space bends towards you – just like time, space and light in our universe do.

Kattenburgerstraat 5 - Peter Vink

Kattenburgerstraat 5 – Peter Vink

Sjoerd ter Borg and Nick Verstand installed their creation .- .. … – (‘LV’ or ‘Light Vessel’) in the top of a light tower ship. It communicates with light Morse code; signals like these were also used by the navy to exchange messages from one ship to another. Now that the Dutch Navy has left the Marineterrein after almost 360 years, Ter Borg and Verstand pay homage to the location’s history with their own signal composition: .- .. … -.

Lightvessel - Nick Verstand & Sjoerd ter Borg

Lightvessel – Nick Verstand & Sjoerd ter Borg

Breitner Academy students Liza Vos, Sem Wijker and Kari-Anne Souwer created the installation Miasma Fields. The title refers to the ‘miasma theory’, which attributes the cause of epidemics to infectious particles (‘miasma’) in the air we breathe. This artwork sheds light on a specific pollutant, nitrogen dioxide; released by traffic and industry, it strongly pollutes the air in cities like Amsterdam. Vos, Wijker and Souwer visualise the amount of nitrogen dioxide in the area from ten measurement points using ferrofluid.

Miasma Fields - ACIN

Miasma Fields – ACIN

Bas Peeters was inspired by the history of the 17th century Marineterrein and the sea. In the windows of the former educational building, which are transformed into the windows of a boat, you can see waves drenched in moonlight. A worrying SOS signal flashes in the horizon. Who is the sender? And who is it for? SOS means Save Our Ship but in this case means Save Our Souls. Referencing the rising sea levels, Peeters highlights that we may need to be saved from the downfall we have caused ourselves.

SaveOurSouls! - Bas Peeters

SaveOurSouls! – Bas Peeters

You have to first adapt to the darkness when entering Liubov Moskvina’s installation Sense of Blue. Soon after you will see dots and lines of blue laser light dance around the space in a mesmerising rhythm. We do not experience light consciously all too often so these moments are extra intense. With Sense of Blue, Moskvina hopes to provide you with an immersive experience of light that will touch you at your core.

Sense of Blue - Liubov Moskvina

Sense of Blue – Liubov Moskvina

In her work, Hanna Betsema aims to create a sense of order in our daily overload of information. In our 24-hour economy, it is essential to make the optimal use of time. The starting point for her installation Squared Time is a study, which found out that it is most efficient to work in 10-minute time blocks. Betsema created 144 tangible blocks of time units that contain light. By seeing all of the blocks together you can physically experience and comprehend how much time fits in one day.

Squared Time - Hanna Betsema

Squared Time – Hanna Betsema

Artist collective ATI Suffix is concerned with the growth of our consumer society. It’s the reason why our offices, shops and streets are lit and monitored 24 hours a day. The resulting light pollution and lack of privacy makes the natural cycle of day (light) and night (dark) hard to find. If you want an ‘energetic’ start to the day you can drink an energy drink, but what if you want to sleep? ATI Suffix’s answer is White Sheep, a drink that contains melatonin. You don’t have to worry about insomnia any longer.

Verena Hall’s preference for traditional craftsmanship is reflected in the life-sized charcoal drawings she made for The Wood Would. Her drawings depict a forest, full of bare but beautifully spotted tree trunks. The surrounding water reflects the trees. When you get closer, your footsteps destroy the enchanting reflections. Hall shows us that our deepest desires (for beauty, love, money, power) can sometimes ruin what we are chasing. On the contrary, it can also shed new light on our assumptions and expectations.

The Wood Would - Verena Hall

The Wood Would – Verena Hall

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