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Why indoor plants can inspire creativity

Inspiring, calming, soothing, de-stressing: just a handful adjectives that have been used to describe how living and working within indoor planted environments can make us feel. And for the 913,000 people that follow the #plantsmakepeoplehappy hashtag on Instagram, the joy of green is pretty significant.

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It’s said that viewing the colour green is clinically proven to enhance moods, inspire creative thinking and can contribute towards increased performance within the workplace.

Sally Augustin, writing for Psychology Today says, “Scientific research tells us that indoor green leafy plants help boost our mood. If there are nearby plants, we also seem to get along better with others.” She adds, “Most of the psychological benefits of potted plants have been tied to the green, leafy ones, such as ficus trees and ferns.”

The greenhouse at Bourne & Hollingsworth, Clerkenwell

The greenhouse at Bourne & Hollingsworth, Clerkenwell

It’s perhaps no coincidence then that more and more interior designers are working with plants to create spaces that imbue a sense of wellbeing and with the green effect revolution on the rise the trend isn’t about to fizzle out. Gynelle Leon, author of Prick: Cacti and Succulents, has created a beautiful cacti store in east London, bearing the same name. I caught up with Amelia at the store who says, “Cacti no longer have the old fashioned image that they once had, it’s a younger generation buying them now and catching onto the benefits.” She sees investing in plants as a positive move towards a desire to create a happy, nurturing environment in which to work or live.

The Plant Warehouse, east London, has a large selection of plants for sale

The Plant Warehouse, east London

Many co-working spaces and restaurants readily understand the benefits of implementing indoor-planted areas. The interior design team responsible for Clerkenwell based bar and restaurant, Bourne & Hollingsworth, is a collaboration between their in-house creative team and architects Box 9 and Red Deer. The interior includes a garden room and greenhouse dining area resplendent with hothouse plants and combines garden furniture and palm print fabrics to exude a sense of harmony and tranquillity.

And it’s not just mental wellbeing we can thank our potted palms for; they also promote clean air benefits. Many indoor plants and succulents help to absorb noxious toxins from the air, substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia, often found in chemical based cleaning fluids and oil-based paints.

So next time you consider investing in a leafy plant, succulent or cactus for the office you’ll not only encourage a brighter mood and cleaner air you’ll also help to boost inspiration and creative thinking.

The Townhall Hotel, London, styled with plants throughout

The Townhall Hotel, London, styled with plants throughout

Any of the following ten plants are ideal for beginners and easy to care for. Snake plant, weeping fig, English ivy, bamboo palm, peace lily, spider plant, golden pothos, jade plant, aloe vera or one of my favourites, the Boston fern.

Words and Pictures by  Michelle Mason

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