Feix & Merlin: High Tea

Feix & Merlin is a boutique design studio based in London, since it’s creation in 2006 they have produced work that is magical and full of mystery, keeping an emphasis on the progressive, unusual and whimsical.

Their latest project “High Tea” presented at Designersblock 2011 follows that track record perfectly. “We wanted to do something that simply captured the imagination, an idea, a space, turned on its head.” As you walk out of the entrance tunnel and into the main atrium space at The Farmiloe Building, Clerkenwell, you will discover a magical installation floating above your head. Its as if someone sat down to tea and just…floated away…

“High Tea” harks back to the fantastical “I Love To Laugh” scene from Walt Disney’s “Mary Poppins”. In this scene, laughter and happiness cause Bert and Uncle Albert to float into the air whilst enjoying afternoon tea. This can be seen as a metaphor for the way laughter can “lighten” a mood. This metaphor sits solidly within the mission statement of Feix & Merlin and “High Tea” certainly generates fanciful smiles.

The team relied upon large helium filled weather balloons and suspension wires to engineer this magic within the walls of the atrium. The concept was originally inspired by projects such as Philippe Nigro’s “Floating sofa” and Pixar’s 2009 animation, aptly titled “Up”.

Words by Gem Barton

Photographer: Addie Chinn www.addiechinn.com

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