[e]mission, Marcos Zotes

If you live in an urban environment, your image has been captured on CCTV. Many times. When you do the weekly shopping, lunch with friends, or use the tube on your morning commute, you are observed and recorded. You probably don’t notice this any more.

Architect Marcos Zotes seeks to highlight this lack of cognizance with [e]mission. Outside a bank in Reykjavik, Zotes has installed a CCTV camera which, when activated, sends a signal to a projector across the street. The projector illuminates any unwilling performer who comes within its gaze.

This spotlight creates a temporary stage, alerting the public to the presence of the observed individual, as well as warning the performer that they are being watched.

[e]mission demonstrates how we are examined by an unseen audience every day. By revealing this audience, the installation forces us to ask ourselves: Do we accept this level of intrusion? Isn’t it all a bit sinister?

WordsRosemary Munro

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