CRISSCROSS, modular furniture that wants to take on Ikea

CRISSCROSS is a range of adaptable furniture designed by Sam Wrigley, a recent graduate of Falmouth University.


In his final year of university, Sam came up with an idea for a range of furniture that would make moving easier and more enjoyable. Interestingly, Sam graduated from University with a degree in graphic design, and it was in his final year when he came up with the idea for CRISSCROSS. Since founding the company he has been designing, prototyping and developing his idea for flat pack & adaptable furniture. CRISSCROSS will be running a Kickstarter campaign from the 17th of May to raise funds to bring these products to market.


CRISSCROSS believes that when it comes to moving, nothing’s quite as frustrating as furniture. It’s hard to build, a pain to take apart, and a nightmare to move. That’s why they’ve created a range of modular furniture that adapts to your life, rather than tying you down. And because of its modular design, you can create almost anything that’ll fit your space perfectly. When you don’t need it, or it’s not right for you anymore, just change it into something new. This type of furniture is becoming more and more popular with the nomadic lifestyle that a lot of people lead; so to have pieces that are designed to be ‘hacked’ will appeal to a whole generation of renters.


All the furniture is designed and made in the UK and is 100% recyclable, as well as this it’s made using wood from sustainable FSC® certified forests and protected using a natural plant based wax. CRISSCROSS is also available in one of four colours.


Whether this is the future of flat pack furniture or not is yet to be decided, but it’s interesting in the fact that it wants to take on IKEA and change perceptions of what modular furniture can be. No more will you be reaching for an allen key, propping up a side panel up with your knee and wishing you were somewhere else.

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