Cloud[S]cape by dfab.Studio

Cloud[S]cape is the amalgamation of artistic creativity and live-physics. The site-specific installation was designed and fabricated by Steve De Micoli of dfab.Studio for Malta Design Week 2011. Suspended over the entrance to Valletta’s Royal Malta University cloud[S]cape mirrors the architectural language of the Baroque vaulted ceiling above using advanced computational design methods. It contorts in its form to draw people in and around the building in a vortex of circulation.

De Micoli tells us “The form was modeled using a live-physics engine which simulated gravitational forces to generate the final geometry of the surface. A custom algorithm was written to panel the surface and control the curvature of the components’ edges. It was also used to improve workflow for labeling and fabrication of the 448 unique panels. The laser-cutter was the tool of choice for CNC fabrication as all the artwork was 2D, it is highly accurate and relatively quick.”

The form expresses the intricate arithmetical patterns of a local lace-making craft known in Malta as ‘Bizilla’ although the inspiration comes from the more organic forms of ‘soap bubble geometry’.

Cloud[S]cape is an excellent showcase of what dfab.Studios does best. Set up in Malta in 2010, they function as a design and fabrication studio as well as an incubator for innovation, placing particular emphasis on computational tools and digital fabrication.


Words by Gem Barton

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  1. Matt says:

    It looks incredible. Wish i could see that. Do they still have it there?

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