BOG Hotel -Nini Andrade Silva

B.O.G. Hotel´s location in the bustling north of Bogotá,  Colombia,  is the cradle of culture and business activities,  and thus perfectly placed for exploring the city. The creators have taken the city’s politics to heart and the hotel is providing an alternative to faceless international hotel chains,  giving you an extra reason to linger.

B.O.G. isn’t just a spectacular design feat, it’s an exemplary case of conscientious architecture: the designers have done their best to preserve and incorporate key elements of Colombian natural treasures such as gold and emeralds, and it’s up to us to appreciate the thoughtful details conjured up in the shades of bronze, green, and grey.

Design-savvy jet setters may already know that this is the first Colombian hotel to be chosen as a Design Hotel. From inception to completion,  Octubre Arquitectura masterminded this construction. B.O.G. Hotel echoes Bogotá’s mix of ancient and modern, and since it’s opening in early 2012,  remains the coolest new kid on the block.

Having stayed at the B.O.G hotel, one can also vouch that it’s not just another pretty sleeping space: it’s got soul too –  impeccable service, great food and vibrant staff. The main restaurant, LA LEO, aims to protect the gastronomic heritage of Colombia, using traditional ingredients to create fusion dishes.

The award-winning designer, Portuguese-born Nini Andrade Silva created a whimsical environment inside. “An interviewer called me ‘Ninimalist’ because my name is Nini,” She says, “and instead of being a minimalist, I always like to try to give warmth to any design concept. I like to do things with a dash of fantasy”.

Luring in hotel guests and visitors alike, the futuristic rooftop pool and minimalist bar allow amazing views of the city and its surrounds through a barely-there transparent screen.

It is a difficult task to create a bespoke hotel with over fifty beautiful nice rooms and great views. We would say B.O.G hotel is a winner.


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  1. Emanuel Aguiar says:

    Adorei, magnífico, excelente trabalho da minha amiga, como decoradora e como pintora. Tem um coração de ouro, a sua alma transborda luz. Conhecer Nini é como entrar no espaço de uma viagem cheia de doçura.
    Desejo lhe os maiores sucessos e que nunca deixe de sonhar alto e acreditar que a vida só faz sentido com alma e coração como Nini Andrade é!

    Emanuel Aguiar

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