Innovative Advertising 2016

This year at Design Exchange we have be looking into the future of advertising and how it will evolve to work in synergy with digital technologies.  Within the creative industries advertising is not always as innovative as we would hope.  Many design companies often repeat the same artwork and sometimes forget to tell a story.

One campaign that really stood out to us over the past year  was the #BeautifulThinking campaign from Interface. We loved their concept of using different collaborators and designers each month to celebrate the beautiful thinkers from around the world, including images of their work and process alongside film content.

Please take a look at this selection of inspiring adverts by interface, used in print throughout 2016.

Oliver Heath - Beautiful Thinking from interface

Nigel - Beautiful Thinking from interface

RENEWABLE -Beautiful Thinking from interface

Melissa Sterry -Beautiful Thinking from interface

Bureo - Beautiful Thinking from interface

Peldon Rose -Beautiful Thinking from interface

in-house concept design -Beautiful Thinking from interface

See the collection of films used with the 2016 campaign.

See the all 11 films here

We would love to hear your thoughts on the direction of future advertising.  During 2017 Design Exchange we will be exploring interactive ways to advertise in print by merging ink and paper with digital to create augmented reality adverts that showcase 3D visualisations of products alongside film content.  Please do reach out to us if you or your company would like to get involved, to be the innovators of 2017.


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