BBC Earth and Teemill launch A Zero Waste #SustainableMe T-Shirt

Disruptive technology to change the fashion industry

BBC Earth and Teemill have joined forces to disrupt the fashion industry and propose a solution to one of the greatest environmental problems caused by fast fashion – landfill.  

BBC Earth Sustainable-me T-shirt

UK citizens alone discard around a million tonnes of textiles annually with an estimated 300,000 tonnes of clothing ending up in household bins every year, 20% of which ends up in landfill and 80% is incinerated.* 

The #SustainableMe zero waste t-shirt presents an entirely new model for fashion by recovering and reusing discarded organic cotton garments mixed with 100% GOTS certified cotton, printed in the UK seconds after it has been ordered to create a high-quality t-shirt with a minimal environmental footprint. Best of all, it can be recycled over and over again and need never enter landfill. 

BBC Earth Sustainable-me T-shirt

Designed from the start to be returned once it has worn out, Teemill make new products from the material that they recover. To enable this, they have created a unique recovery system where a customer can scan their worn out product with a mobile phone and activate a freepost code plus receiving £5 off a new item, so recycling your old t-shirt is free and easy. 

“Slowing the fashion down doesn’t fix it. It makes much more sense to recover and reuse material than throw it away, so we built tech to power the reverse logistics of fashion.” Explained Mart Drake-Knight, Teemill. “It’s not about doing less, our ambition is to redesign the industry. We’ve shown it’s possible to create a positive loop where people are rewarded for keeping pure material flowing.”

“BBC Earth launched the #SustainableMe movement in the hope of inspiring change and this marks a giant step forwards, this isn’t just a t-shirt, Teemill have used creativity and innovation to present a solution to a major environmental problem and we’re proud to be partnering with them for this launch.” Said Julia Kenyon, Global Brand Director for BBC Earth. 

BBC Earth Sustainable-me T-shirt

The BBC Earth #SustainableMe t-shirt is available from RRP of £20.

A further T-shirt collection made from certified organic cotton and inspired by BBC Earth are also available.


At London, Fashion Week 2019 BBC Earth launched #SustainableMe to raise awareness of the need for sustainable fashion. The launch film revealed that over 100 billion garments are produced every year with 3 out of 5 items of clothing ending up in landfill within 12 months. 

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