Robin Rimbaud – Scanner

#CrossPollinator: Robin Rimbaud – Scanner

Robin Rimbaud-Scanner

#Introduction: How would you best describe your work?

A Flaneur electronique, traversing the terrain between sound and space, connecting the dots between a bewilderingly diverse array of genres

Q1) #CrossPollination: What does it mean to you? 

Shape-shifting, challenging and rewarding possibilities of connecting, sharing and exchanging with another creative mind

Q2)  #Process: What kind of people and industries do you exchange ideas with? 

Everyone from globally recognized commercial brands through to students, from architecture to film scores, fashion to rock bands

Q3) #Innovation: What new technologies and techniques do you use? 

My practice thrives on advances in technology, ways of painting with sound, of accessing seemingly impossible sonic territories and communication networks

Q4 )  #DreamCollaboration: With whom and why? (

Impossible to say since I like surprises. My practice has brought constant surprises over the years and I long for the delights to continue.

Q5) #TheFuture: Where do you see your work 10 years from now? 

Something that continues to surprise me and my audiences, that speaks of the past but also the future, yet continues to hold an emotional resonance and beauty.

Twitter: @robinrimbaud 


*Featured as a #CreativeCrossPollinator in Vol 1 2015 printed edition of #DesignExchange Magazine

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