Robert Hasty

#CrossPollinator: Robert Hasty

 Robert Hasty

#Introduction: How would you best describe your work? 

I own the two London Ligne Roset Furniture stores. I am proud to sell such innovative and creative products, designed from the inside out to built to last

Q1) #CrossPollination: What does it mean to you? 

The exchange of ideas between completely different media and coming up with something ‘other’, a third place.

Q2)  #Process: What kind of people and industries do you exchange ideas with?

As a retailer I have experimented with fashion designers and art curators; as a brand, Michel Roset picks up ideas and working with academics, philosophers and materials taken industrial design

Q3) #Innovation: What new technologies and techniques do you use?

This year Ligne Roset add 2 new surface materials: Fenix, a laminate that ‘self- heals’ and a ceramic stoneware that is 30% stronger that granite yet wafer thin. We pigment it to appear as marble or slate

Q4 )  #DreamCollaboration: With whom and why? 

Pierre Paulin, one of France’s iconic designers, usually linked to ‘pop’ 60s, but so much broader. Sadly no longer with us but son Benjamin will help us realise a retrospective Autumn ‘15 

Q5) #TheFuture: Where do you see your work 10 years from now? 

My stores  continue to change with the brand and they are busy re adjusting and flexing with market demands. Who knows so far ahead in retail, but I hope bricks & mortar stores will persist.

 Twitter: @lignerosetcity


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