JiaXuan Hon

#CrossPollinator: JiaXuan Hon

JiaXuan Hon

#Introduction: How would you best describe your work?

I carve paths with artists whose work crosses boundaries. As a manager/producer, I make sure good work gets made and seen!

Q1) #CrossPollination: What does it mean to you?

Curiosity, inspiration, admiration, judgements, conflict, lies, confrontations, resolutions, and a version of honest truth as a gift to you

Q2)  #Process: What kind of people and industries do you exchange ideas with?

They are allegedly known as activists, artists, academics, @communitygeeks, entrepreneurs, social scientists, researchers, technologists… 

Q3) #Innovation: What new technologies and techniques do you use? 

Not an innovator myself, this Q helps me identify them: is their work sustainable, inclusive and human, i.e. make the world suck less?

Q4 )  #DreamCollaboration: With whom and why? 

With the one that I least expect to work with. I’ll tell you why when it happens!

Q5) #TheFuture: Where do you see your work 10 years from now? 

Probably still fighting for something, but not for diversity and inclusivity because hopefully we’d be way past that then!

Twitter: @idanceinbetween /  @blackwingedc

Website: www.blackwingedcreatives.com

*Featured as a #CreativeCrossPollinator in Vol 1 2015 printed edition of #DesignExchange Magazine

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