Brigitta Zics

#CrossPollinator: Brigitta Zics

Brigitta Zics

#Introduction: How would you best describe your work? 

Art that uses technology to extract & activate new capacities of the mind and body; that challenges conventions & the way we experience art.

Q1) #CrossPollination: What does it mean to you? 

To take learning from one discipline and using it to challenge an idea in another discipline; metadiscourse is part of my art outlook.

Q2)  #Process: What kind of people and industries do you exchange ideas with? 

Scientists and technologists. A catalyst of my art is often the unconventional merger of expert knowledge of diverse fields.

Q3) #Innovation: What new technologies and techniques do you use?

Mainly emerging technologies but with a mindful awareness to avoid pure novelty. The concept determines the use of a technology.

Q4 )  #DreamCollaboration: With whom and why? 

Working with CERN. I think of it as one of very few environments offering exceptional circumstances and with these limitless boundaries.

Q5) #TheFuture: Where do you see your work 10 years from now?

To have established consistency and flow in my artistic inquiry & a pioneering body of work of experiential art.

Twitter: @cognitiveloop 


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