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Design Space London - Deltalight

The company opened a flagship showroom space in Webber Street, Southwark. The new showroom is a dramatic 4000 sq ft space in whichDesignSpace London have created fifteen realistic living spaces, showcasing inspirational kitchen, bathroom and living concepts. The displays feature many new products never seen before in the UK including the latest in ‘technical’ materials and developments.

Design Space London - Deltalight Design Space London - Deltalight

Deltalight worked closely with the showroom designers to create a subtle lighting system that showcases their products to their best. We used a selection of lighting products throughout including Supernova XS Pivot, Boxy, Spy and B-Liner suspended profile. In the main room sets we used a track lighting system with You Turn Opto 360° rotating system to fully accommodate the demands of a changing showroom.

Design Space London - Deltalight Design Space London - Deltalight

Part of our lighting Exchange with Deltalight

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