Tristan Hoare at Photo London

Tristan Hoare was established in 2009 and originally based in Lichfield Studios. Having now moved to Fitzroy Square it exhibits both emerging and established international contemporary artists.

Design Exchange went along to Photo London at Somerset House to see what was on offer. The first pieces that caught our eye were pieces by Alejandro Guijarro, who has produced a body of work called Momentum. This a 3-year project in which Guijarro travelled to the great quantum mechanics institutions of the world. Using a large-format camera he photographs the blackboards as he finds them, and then produces the photographs exactly to scale.

Alejandro Guijarro SLAC I

Alejandro Guijarro SLAC II 2012Other pieces that were on offer included works by French Photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre. Over a five year collaboration they produced a haunting photographic collection called ‘The Ruins Of Detroit’, this project documented the city’s abandoned buildings, thus bringing to light the current state of the ‘Motor City’ through a cinematic series of starkly beautiful photographs.

Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre Ballroom, American Hotel (2007)Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre, Ballroom, Lee Plaza Hotel, 2006The third photographer that was exhibited there was Maryam Eisler and her selection of nudes. Eisler describes her project as “her own poetic adventure: the search for Eve, my muse, somewhere between the majestic heavens and Mother Earth, standing atop the rocky inclines, as sensual and as powerful as the monumental nature that had surrounded her.”

Maryam Eisler Witashnah (Virginal) (2015)

Maryam Eisler Kachina (Sacred Dancer) (2015)

Maryam Eisler is a Iranian-born, London-based photographer, editor, and art patron. Eisler holds a BA from Wellesley College (where she is also trustee) and an MBA from Columbia University. She has held executive editorial roles on various arts publications, and is also a member of the Tate International Council, a trustee of the Whitechapel Gallery, co-chair of Tate’s MENAAC acquisitions committee, a nominator for the Prix Pictet Photography Prize, and sits on the council for Photo London.

This young gallery is definitely one to watch and pay close attention to over the next coming months. With such an impressive selection of photography available at Photo London, Design Exchange can’t wait to see what it will put on in the future.

Words: Josh Plough

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