RAKE Showroom in Trondheim, Norway

Behind the windows of RAKE Showroom in Trondheim, Norway

The Rake Showroom (RAKE visningsrom) is a vigorously designed pavilion with a duly focus on sustainable design. The building is sited in central Trondheim, Norway, under the scope of freshen up the district visually by means of new architecture substance, but also to stimulate new art development inside the city adding to the city’s art scene. It has long time ago piqued our interest with its stark white cubed space principally covered with various lines of windows all over its façade as well as its interior walls.

RAKE is an architectural development, a design meeting point but mostly, it is an exhibition space, which is interactive and fun. It has been constructed to be temporarily inhabited by the artists and architects who are coming to show their works.

The Rake Showroom is a project thanks to a gathering of 30 architecture students from Trondheim, Oslo and Bergen, who participated in the semi-annual TreStykker workshop – a collaborative program between three Norwegian architecture schools. For over a twelve-day period after had conducted considerable research and brainstorming in order to find the most suitable materials and put all the components of this piece together; they created RAKE.

Turning this synergy into a good outcome, while working together with the architect August Schmidt and artist Charlotte Rostad, they embarked on this creative process to shape and give life to RAKE. For this time, the team decided to not purchase new elements but to reuse any available material. Instead of placing brand new windows, the students took the original windows and old doors from a demolished office building in the neighborhood recycled them; and adjusted them to their own project. Thus, they entered a dialogue between art and architecture with the building to result in an undeniably playful and imaginative display of eco-friendly architectural design.

The cube body of RARE building is put perpendicularly towards the road. A remarkable construction that is more than valuable of its location in the heart of this scenic city, utilizing views of surrounding historical houses.

In its structure, we witness two layers of reused windows for its walls, three layers of doors for the ceiling, all derived from wood. The floor is also made out of massive wooden chops hand sewn by a local farmer. The above, creates new bonds of functionality and actually shapes the narrative of an art form. Entering the shell of the cube, one sees through the windows the surroundings. This white box is well-designed, and yet it takes full advantage of the narrow spaces within it (48 m2 / 516 sq.ft.). In seeing RAKE from side road you experience an asymmetry of punched-out windows across its front. It is really beautiful and intelligently built and really adding some great composition in its surroundings.

Altogether, the building’s character seems to combine modern design and vintage style, while it generates straightforward, fascinating and eye candy view as well as a contemporary nostalgia permeates its visitors. RAKE offers a hip and yet relaxed environment in which you can gather inspiration for arts.  The RAKE project boosts up our attention in Scandinavian design, which never stops to thinking out of the box while breaking the standard designing rules.

WordsMaria Passarivaki

Architects: RAKE visningsrom // Location: Trondheim, Norway // Project Year: 2011 // Photographs: Courtesy of Marius Waagaard


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