Pool and Spa Area, Hotel Castell dels Hams

In 1967, a small hotel, Hotel Castell dels Hams, was established on the island of Majorca amid the Mediterranean vegetation. During its life, the hotel has been expanded and altered many times. It was only recently that the last of these alterations was completed.

A2arquitectos, comprising Juan Manzanares Suárez and Cristian Santandreu Utermark, redesigned the enclosure of the existing heated pool and created an adjacent spa. They were inspired by the hotel’s location, with its profusion of light and pastoral surroundings.

The main pool area is studded with square openings in the roof and walls, which allow sunlight to flood into the space, casting fluctuating patterns on the surface of the water.

The spa is designed for a different purpose. Its large windows offer the best views of the surrounding landscape; showers of light fall through openings in the roof. The aim of the architects was to introduce nature into the interior, thereby making the building itself part of the treatment.

Architects: A2arquitectos: Juan Manzanares Suárez and Cristian Santandreu Utermark / (www.a2arquitectos.com)Photographers: Laura Torres Roa and Antonio Benito Amengual. / Client/investor: Hotel Castell dels Hams. (www.hotelcastelldelshams.com) / Address: Crta. Manacor – Porto Cristo Km. 10, Porto Cristo, Majorca. / Place: Island of Majorca. / Country: Spain. / Date of completion: 2011. / Building size: 690 square meters. Builder: Promotora los Rosalitos S.L. / Quantity surveyor: Regina García Borrás. / Structure: Melchor Mascaró. /Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning: Totelsa climatización y maquinaria de hostelería. / Materials provider: Santandreu Sureda Materiales de construcción. / Doors, windows and glazing specialist: Velux and Promon. / Plumbery: Talleres Petope. / Finishes: Santandreu Sureda, Sistemas RM and Fusteria Can Teret. / Electrical instalations: Electro-hidráulica. / Signages: Rotuls Manacor. / Collaborators: Rut Prieto Martínez and Denise Santandreu Utermark.

WordsRosemary Munro

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