Ode to Modernity – Linhares Dias House by DOMO Arquitetos

This house is located in a residential area site close to the Paranoa Lake in Brasília. In search of the maximum integration of the communal areas of the house, Domo Arquitetos chose to accommodate all different spaces under one big roof. The roof is definitely the key element of the house’s design as it shelters a series of diverse rooms.  On the whole this rectangular residence is formed by transparent volumes that reinforce the sense of openness while the internally clad roof made out of natural wood creates a warm, smooth and inviting ambience.

Linhares Dias  House by DOMO Arquitetos

The open-plan ground floor incorporates a series of different spaces such as the kitchen, a dining room and a lounge-living room area and offers direct access to the courtyard. The bedrooms are located in the second floor and are separated by an internal void while being connected by a suspended open corridor over the living room. The second floor could easily be characterized as a continuous game between solid and void volumes which creates an atmospheric yet playful set of spaces that feel more private and personal.

Linhares Dias  House by DOMO Arquitetos

Linhares Dias House by DOMO Arquitetos

The Linhares Dias House is a residence made out of a series of contrasts where white walls and wide, floor-to-ceiling glass windows come together under an impressive stained hardwood roof. These transitory spaces provide the residents with a great variety of interior environments as well as impressive views of the majestic Brazilian lake setting.

Linhares Dias  House by DOMO Arquitetos Linhares Dias  House by DOMO Arquitetos

Linhares Dias  House by DOMO Arquitetos

Words: Ivi Vassilopoulou

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