NewCities Call for Applications for Global Wellbeing City Award

Inaugural Wellbeing City Award is the first international prize to recognize cities worldwide committed to urban wellbeing.

The NewCities Foundation, a global nonprofit committed to shaping a better urban future, announced a call for applications for the 2019 Wellbeing City Award.

NewCities Announces Call for Applications for Global Wellbeing City Award

The Award recognizes cities for promoting innovative urban initiatives with a transformative impact on the wellbeing of their communities. Local governments can apply if their wellbeing initiatives:

-display an achieved level of success,

-demonstrate leadership; 

-include multiple stakeholders;

-have potential for replicability; 

-feature innovative methods.

Cities will be invited to apply across the following categories:

-Public Health

-Sustainable Environment


-Economy & Opportunity

In addition to the category laureates, an overall laureate, the Wellbeing City , will be chosen by the jury. The five winning cities will be revealed at a major NewCities event in the Spring of 2019.

The annual Award has been developed by NewCities in partnership with the Novartis Foundation, the Novartis US Foundation, and in collaboration with the Toyota Mobility Foundation, City of Montréal, HuffPost Canada,  OpenGov Asia, Icons of Infrastructure and us here at Design Exchange.

John Rossant, Chairman, NewCities Foundation said: “The Wellbeing City Award has been created to showcase the most inspiring wellbeing initiatives from cities around the world and invite all cities to apply and be recognized for their commitment to improving the quality of life of their residents. We are excited to acknowledge local governments that serve as inspirations for other cities to improve wellbeing in their communities.”

Dr. Ann Aerts, Head of the Novartis Foundation said: “The Novartis Foundation is excited to recognize leaders and decision makers who are advancing bold urban health initiatives. This is an incredible opportunity for cities from across the global to share and learn from each other, to achieve improved health and wellbeing of cities for all.”

Amy Fry, President of the Novartis U.S. Foundation said: “The Novartis U.S Foundation is proud to partner with NewCities and we’re excited to help share innovative approaches which aim to improve the wellbeing of residents. Our aim is to create sustainable healthcare solutions to improve health outcomes for all.”

Valérie Plante, Mayor of the City of Montréal said: “As we recognise the global need to prioritize user-centred urban design, the City of Montréal places quality of life at the core of our urban policies. We are thrilled to be partnering with NewCities to launch the Wellbeing City Award and encourage all cities to participate and apply.”

Andree Lau, Editor-In-Chief, HuffPost Canada said: “Often, the stories covered by media focus on ongoing problems. This Award allows us to see transformative solutions that could be replicated across communities, and to share the positive contributions cities are making in a sea of environmental and social change.”

Nominations can be submitted by any non-municipal actor wishing to put forward a city promoting wellbeing. NewCities will then invite nominated cities to submit an application. The deadline for nominations is October 15 2018. 

Applications can only be submitted by an official city representative. NewCities welcomes applications from cities of all sizes by November 9 2018, 23:59

Application and nominations are available from the NewCities website via

NewCities Announces Call for Applications for Global Wellbeing City Award

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